feeling the burn…out

I’m just going to say it: I’m feeling the blogger burnout. This is nothing new to us bloggers, but if you’re unfamiliar with it, there’s a lot of articles about it like this one, this one, and this one. Basically it is what it sounds like. And for people like me, who work full time and blog on the side as a hobby…it shouldn’t be this way. I put pressure on myself to succeed in something that I do for fun. But that’s the designer in me, striving for perfection in every creative thing I do. I can’t help it!

So I’ve made changes. I’ve taken a step back from blogging. I slowed down on posting. I started making art. I stopped tweeting religiously. I unfollowed some blogs. I started following new blogs. I left my phone in the car one morning and didn’t bother to get it until lunch. 

My blogger burnout hasn’t been cured yet. So maybe I need to make changes to the blog itself, but I’m still figuring that out. I do have some recipes I’m excited about sharing, and I am still motivated to photograph food, so there’s that. So for now, I’ll just share some tidbits on the past few weeks:

IMG_6626 From top left:

  • Kristen and I stopped at Marylou’s for some gourmet iced coffee on our way to IKEA last month. We ended up stopping on our way back too. No shame. They only have locations on the South Shore, so we had to take advantage of being in the area that day. [P.S. Stop by Treats & Travels for details on the best/cheapest IKEA accessory]
  • These snail shells found in Israel while hiking Mt Arbel have a new home in my air plant garden
  • Norah, being cute and stuff
  • Pretty colored leaves, because it’s fall
  • Whipped up a pumpkin smoothie before work one day last week. Find the recipe here.
  • Last month Becky kept me company while DK was away. We played Call of Duty by the wood stove and drank wine. It was awesome.
  • Norah being cute…again. DK’s garden yielded a good amount of sweet potatoes. We thought we dug them all up, but Norah keeps finding more! She loves them just as much as I do.
  • Apple picking this year was weird because it was about 80 degrees out. That didn’t stop us from filling two GIANT bags, or from eating our fill of apple cider donuts!
  • One of our sweet potatoes…appropriately shaped like the letter “S.” I wonder if Sesame Street could use this? Too late, I already made soup last night. Recipe coming soon!

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4 thoughts on “feeling the burn…out

  1. I totally feel you Ashley… as per my post coming on Monday haha. Glad you are focusing on you and the more important things in life – the face to face communication away from the screen!

    • Totally a million years late replying to this…I saw your post! Good for you for taking a break! I think it’s really important for us bloggers to step away now and then!

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