sweet almond pre-workout bites (5 ingredients)

I like to get my workouts done early in the morning right after I wake up. I don’t like skipping breakfast, but I don’t want to eat a big meal right before I exercise. That’s where these little snacking balls come into play. They’re easy to just grab and go, and one or two is enough to give me a little energy for my workout. I’ve had this recipe in my brain for a few months now, so when the August Recipe Redux theme was announced as Bars and Bites, I took it as a sign that it needed to be blogged.

Sweet almond preworkout bites! Great for a quick snack before the gym in the morning.

The key ingredient is maca powder, a Peruvian superfood that has many benefits, including its energizing capabilities. It’s also really beneficial in balancing hormones and aiding fertility…so uh…be careful. In this recipe, I’m utilizing the energy aspect of the maca powder!! Almonds are also known for being an energy superfood, too, so I threw those in there as well.

Sweet almond preworkout bites - make these for a quick bite on the go before the gym!

I think the best part about these is how easy they are to make, and how easy they make my mornings! Just five ingredients, blended together, and made into balls. Boom. You could also press them into a baking dish and then cut them into bars if you don’t want to spend the time rolling the balls. But we all know balls are more fun…

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9 thoughts on “sweet almond pre-workout bites (5 ingredients)

  1. I have been on an insane energy bite kick! I’ve always been a huge peanut butter girl, but I’ve recently become addicted to anything with almonds! I love how simple these are! They are the perfect pre-run snack 🙂

  2. Maca powder has been growing on me I must admit! I thought it was weird tasting at first, but now I like it!
    I’m a part of the “21st posting” RR group so I typically don’t see the recipes from the other group, but I’m glad I decided to look at this link up as well!

    xoxo Sarah Grace, Fresh Fit N Healthy.

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