Life update: I’m going to Israel

I leave for Israel in one week. I’m excited, anxious, nervous, panicky, and excited. With the events of the past few months, I wasn’t sure I’d still be going. However, we have been assured by the organization that we will stay out of harm’s way. I always get super anxious before a big trip not because of flying, but because I will be in situations beyond my control. I’m so used to living in my 9 to 5 world and my little bubble in the ‘burbs, so it will be really good for me to break out of that for 10 days.

It’s been tough keeping up with blogging this summer, only because I wanted to enjoy the summer and not spend it inside on the computer more than I have to. And I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear my ramblings about my workouts and how I ate too many Dorrito’s up at camp last weekend. So I’ll stick to the highlight reel…a few updates from the past few months!

1. Our House // Best purchase we’ve ever made. The kitchen has served as my “studio” for creative food experiments, which is why you’re seeing mostly recipe posts on here. I’ve bought a few pieces of furniture that I LOVE, especially this giant table from Wayfair that has been perfect for big parties on our porch. There are still many items we need, like a dining room table, but the porch was our top priority since we’ve spent so much time there this summer.


2. Our Dog // This WOULD be the best purchase we’ve ever made, but without the house, we couldn’t have the dog. So, second best purchase. We love Norah so much, and I can’t believe how fast she’s growing! She loves hanging out with me in the garden while I pick green beans. Sometimes I toss her one and she carries it around and chews on it. So. Cute.


3. Our Garden // DK has done a fantastic job with our first garden. I have done nothing, except harvest and eat the results of his hard work. And it tastes delicious. We have: green beans, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, summer squash, rhubarb, celery, sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce, sweet mint, basil, chives, honeydew melon, and radishes.

garden veggies

Garden veggies

4. Air Plants // Unlike my fiance, I do not have a green thumb, so I bought a bunch of air plants to decorate at home and at work. I’m. Obsessed. Buy them here.

air plants

5. The Canoe Trip // I was looking forward to this trip all summer, since last year’s was such a blast. We drove up on Thursday night, so we could get up early on Friday and go hiking. There are two mountains we hike up at camp. One is Percy Peak, and the other is Sugarloaf (in NH). We hadn’t done Sugarloaf in a few years, so we decided to go for it this weekend. Holy crap, I forgot how steep that mountain is. I was dying. Like, had to stop every five minutes dying. But we made it to the top, and crushed some sandwiches and celebratory beers.

We set out for our annual canoe trip on Saturday morning, ready to rock with a puppy life vest for Norah, which came in handy since she jumped in the river as soon as we pushed off. DK grabbed her by the handle on the life vest and she didn’t try it again. It was pretty cold this year, so she was shivering and crying for most of the trip. Mental note to do this in June or July next year! 

IMG_5972 IMG_5971

6. Wedding Stuff // I’m procrastinating on planning until after Israel. Two of my best friends are getting married right before me, so I’m kind of just comparing notes with them for now. We have our venue, but next up is the search for a photographer & DJ. Any suggestions for Northern Mass or Southern NH?

So there you have it. This is my life lately. What’s new with you?

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    • I am! Luckily I signed up just in time, since I hit the age limit last month! Norah is a border collie mix, we aren’t positive but we think she’s mixed with a springer spaniel.

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