5 steps to make cooking enjoyable

Some people are just naturals in the kitchen. Wrong. You can’t be born with a skill that must be acquired. These “natural” chef’s are that way because they have taken the time to learn. When I was younger, cooking seemed like a daunting chore to me. I didn’t want to help my mom in the kitchen because it was new to me and took away from my AIM time. (omg, remember that?) I only learned to cook because I realized the effects of takeout on my wallet and waistline once I was living on my own. Even then, it was still a task because I would shy away from recipes with more than four ingredients. Thanks to perseverance, I now enjoy cooking, and you can too.

This is great for people who think they can't cook! Never thought about this

1. Set the mood

I absolutely must have music blasting as loud as possible when I’m cooking up a storm. It helps tune out distracting thoughts and set a rhythm for things like chopping veggies and stirring soup. I recommend songs you like to sing along to, as family members usually enjoy this entertainment.

2. Don’t limit yourself

Don’t overlook a recipe just because you’ve never heard of an ingredient. Google it, learn about it, and see if it’s something you’d like. Some recipes will require you to buy new ingredients that may seem outrageous to you. I have a hard time buying new spices because it’s a lot of money for one meal, but you know what? I eventually end up using it for another recipe, and I’m glad I’d already have it on hand. 

3. Find a good recipe

This is the only way to learn! Instead of aimlessly searching for recipes on Pinterest, search for something specific. Try typing in one or two ingredients you’d like to use, like chicken and tomatoes. If the recipe is from a popular website (like allrecipes.com), check the ratings and comments to see what others have said. Sometimes people have good suggestions to adapt the original recipe.

4. Show off your work

Maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t understand why others post pictures of their food online all the time. It’s because you don’t know what it’s like to create a masterpiece! Trust me, once you cook your first meal, you’ll want to show the world. #nofilter

5. Keep at it

You know what they say…practice makes perfect. After trying tons of recipes, I gained enough basic knowledge to start creating my own recipes. And to think…it all started with the act of boiling water to cook some pasta!

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