when a cat lover adopts a puppy

We adopted a puppy! (as you may have noticed on Instagram) Her name is Norah and she’s the cutest, softest puppy there ever was. We got her from the Humane Society, and DK’s parents also got one from the same litter. When DK has a 24 hour shift during the weekday, I can bring her to them so she can spend the day playing with her sister. It’s so friggin’ cute I can’t even stand it. 


I had an orange tabby cat growing up, so this is actually my first dog. I was literally obsessed with my cat when I was a kid. Like, I even made multiple scrap books containing photos of him. I know. Anyways, I really wanted a kitty AND a puppy because how cute would that be? But DK is allergic, so we are kitty-less. He felt so bad we even went to the pet store to test out some kitties, but after 30 seconds in there he was a mess. I know there are some breeds that are hypoallergenic, so maybe someday Norah will have a furry feline friend, but for now…she’s all I need.


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One thought on “when a cat lover adopts a puppy

  1. The Pomegranate Bandit’s Mom is very happy her daughter & future son-in-law have the most beautiful puppy ever! She has the most soulful eyes I’ve ever seen on a dog. Yes, Ashley grew up with cats, but her father & I grew up with dogs, so we understand. Your animals are part of your family:) BTW, Ashley’s first word was “kitty”, so obviously she was an animal lover from the start.
    Love from “the Pom’s Mom”.

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