three ingredient coconut bliss balls

Ever since we moved in to our new house, we’ve had a raccoon knocking over our garbage barrels and picking through the trash, leaving it all over the lawn. I’ve tried lids, I’ve tried pouring ammonia on and around the barrels, we tried scaring it, but the little shit will not let up. Last week, DK shot out of bed and ran outside, half naked, waving a broom like a crazy person and chased the raccoon up a tree when we heard it knock over a barrel. This is my life now.

But I kind of understand how the raccoon feels. Sometimes I come home from work feeling ravenous, and I start pawing through the pantry looking for a quick snack before dinner. Or I might want a bite before my workout, but not a whole meal. That’s where these little guys come in, my favorite homemade healthy snack of all time. Just three ingredients and super simple to make!

Three ingredient coconut bliss balls: dates, cashews, and coconut! So delicious. #eatclean

[yumprint-recipe id=’24’]I’ve made so many variations of these, usually with a lot more ingredients, but I have to say, these ones are now my favorite…the apricot cookie bites are a close second though. I packed some for lunch the other day, and someone actually stole them right out of my lunch bag in the break room. Can you believe that? Guess they couldn’t resist my balls.

three ingredient coconut bliss balls...only 53 calories each

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4 thoughts on “three ingredient coconut bliss balls

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  2. Hi there, if I don’t have a food processor to turn the dates into a ball, what can I use instead? I can’t wait to try this recipe!

    • Hi Deb! You can try using a blender, but I’m not sure how it would work. An alternative option would be to skip the dates entirely (you can still blend nuts in the blender just fine) and just compensate with more honey and nut butter. Good luck!

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