best package I’ve ever received

A couple years ago at my old job, we received a package from a client during the holiday season. We could not contain our excitement as we opened the box and discovered the giant cupcakes they had sent us as a thank you. We literally jumped up and down squealing like children as we admired the treats, artfully topped with flowers made of iridescent icing.

Last week, I had a similar experience upon arriving home from work to find a package in my mailbox filled with goodies from Organic Living Superfoods. I immediately ripped open each bag of treats, sampling all of them because I was so excited…and hungry. Somehow, I was able to restrain myself from eating all of it so I could take some photos to show you guys what I tried:

treats from Organic Living Superfoods!Nuts and chocolate and fruits, oh my! So many goodies!


cacao covered almonds and raisins

Oh man, these did not last long. They’re like healthy Raisinettes with chocolate covered almonds…SO good!


sprouted TCG cashews

These were a great savory snack that had a tiny bit of spice to them. I typically don’t like spicy things, but I enjoyed these!


chia energy squares

These reminded me of my homemade protein bars/balls. They tasted great, but I probably wouldn’t buy them since I can just make them myself!


“life by chocolate” mix

Another Raisinette comparison! The only issue was that they got a little melty during their journey. I popped them in the fridge for a while and then had to break them apart to eat them….which was just as well since I kind of ate them all at once like a candy bar! I would definitely buy these again, but maybe only during the fall or winter.


dried mango slices

Aside from the chocolate snacks, these were my favorite. I LOVE dried mangos, but it’s hard to find them without added sugars. These things don’t need extra sugar, they taste fine on their own! Luckily Organic Living Superfoods carries them in their natural dried state with no added ingredients!


sprouted spicy chipotle pistachios & pepitas

Another spicy snack, but these ones have quite the kick, unlike the mild cashews. They were okay, but the spiciness was too much for me.

So there you have it!! These days it’s so hard to find snacks that aren’t made with unpronounceable ingredients. I love that this company is local (Massachusetts), organic, and really cares about their mission. In addition to these items, they also have a wide variety of powders, dried fruits, nuts, and energy squares. I’ve heard good things about spirulina, so I’m thinking that might be my next purchase!

Be sure to browse their website to see all the other delicious snacks they have in stock!

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