5 tips to make food prep easier

It is sooo important to prepare healthy food ahead of time to avoid unhealthy impulse snacking! This has saved me multiple times in the past. I always regret when I don’t put the time in to food prep. Us healthy living bloggers are constantly praising this technique…and there’s a good reason for it. It works! There’s no right or wrong way…but here are some tips to make your food prepping a little easier. 

1. Keep it simple
Food prep doesn’t have to be an elaborate process. Instead of cooking up a storm, you can simply cut up some fruits and veggies and that would be enough to save you tons of time. Seeding pomegranates takes forever, so I like to do that ahead of time so I have them at the ready for my greek yogurt.
 seeding a pomegranate | The Pomegranate Bandit

2. Break it up
I wish I could be the kind of person that rolls up their sleeves on Sunday afternoon and then preps breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the whole week. It’s not that I don’t have time…it’s just that…I don’t wanna. Instead of doing your food prep like you’re competing on the Food Network, sprinkle it here and there throughout the week. Got an extra 20 minutes before work on Tuesday? Make some hard boiled eggs! Can’t miss The Bachelor? Mix up some protein bars and roll them into balls during commercials.

3. Utilize dinner time
The easiest food prep method? Leftovers. There’s only two of us, but most dinner recipes are portioned for 4, so I just make the whole recipe and save the extras for lunch the next day. I’d say almost all my lunches are leftovers.

Easy Lunch Ideas | The Pomegranate Bandit

4. Have enough containers on hand
I started getting really good about food prepping once I built up a nice collection of mason jars, covered glass containers, and those ceramic egg cartons. Be sure to have a variety of sizes, and be aware of the things you make most. In the cooler months, I fill at least three of these round glass ones when I make a big batch of my butternut squash soup or turkey chili

Turkey Chili | The Pomegranate Bandit

5. Plan
You won’t get very far if you don’t buy enough food to prep! It makes things a helluva lot easier if you plan out your meals. I know, it’s difficult. You don’t have to have a detailed menu for each night, but at least have an idea of what you’re going to make throughout the week. When you do your grocery shopping, make sure you have a protein and vegetable for each night.


My go-to food prep staples:

Want more? Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean is a food prep guru and posts every Sunday featuring other bloggers’ photos for some weekly inspiration!

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