vega sport pre-workout energizer

Remember when old my pre-workout drink sent me to the cardiologist? Luckily, the folks over at Vega came to my rescue shortly after that whole episode. They sent me a box of their Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer to try out instead. Unlike my old pre-workout, this stuff is made from plant-based ingredients…nothing funky that will cause my heart to go nuts.

Vega sport energizer

The flavor I tried is acai berry. I’ll be honest: I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste. It was alright, but it wasn’t delicious. I happened to have the sugar free one which is sweetened with stevia, so if you’re not a stevia fan you might not like the aftertaste. Still, it’s a much better alternative to other pre-workout drinks solely because of the ingredients, so I don’t mind it at all. No heart palpitations = success!

Vega Sport Energizer

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