the best way to drink iced coffee

OMG guys. I’m a genius. I’ve created the most delicious iced coffee drink in the whole world. Well, I’m sure I wasn’t the first person to think of this…but I haven’t seen it done before. The other day, I poured myself a glass of iced coffee we had leftover from brunch. I reached for the almond milk, but then had a better idea. Chocolate milk. Real, farm fresh chocolate milk that DK had picked up earlier that week. I mixed the two together and took a sip….hoooolllly crap this is amazing. No sweetener needed.

Iced coffee + Chocolate milk = best iced coffee ever

I had to Instagram it immediately to share my new discovery. And DK’s brother found it amusing that I used our doormat as a backdrop and took a photo of me taking a photo:

caught in the act

So what do you think? Am I late to the coffee/chocolate milk thing? Did you even finish reading this or have you already run out to your local farm to create your own?

Note: Don’t bother unless it’s farm fresh…I’m talking glass bottle style. If you mess around with chocolate syrup or that Nesquick crap, it will probably taste like ass.

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2 thoughts on “the best way to drink iced coffee

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