running outside: for speed or distance?

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a magnificent Mother’s Day…I hosted brunch for my family and we all spent the entire day outdoors. (details coming on Wednesday) It was so nice to finally have some warm weather and I’m glad we could take advantage of it. I’m still not entirely convinced it’s here to stay though…I kept thinking the sky would open up at any moment. You never know here in New England…

Speaking of weather, I went running this weekend in the rain for the first time. Like pouring rain. Note to self: buy waterproof armband for phone.

Rail Trail

The calm before the storm

Once I accepted the fact I was going to get soaked, I just embraced it. Stomp ALL the puddles! Since I was running with a friend who is faster than me, I ended up setting a few new records on my Nike app. Fastest mile, and fastest 1k! I had to take my headphones off so they wouldn’t get wet, so my run was 2.98 miles…just shy of 3 miles, what I was aiming for. Afterwards, I was grateful I thought to bring a packet of Vega Sport Protein for recovery. 



We plan to do this at least once a week. Originally we had a few others interested in joining us, so we’ll see how it goes next time. I definitely push harder when I’m working out with others. Now that I’m more familiar with the Nike app (instead of MapMyRun and Run Keeper), I’m really loving the things it offers…such as showing your progress compared to your last run.

Typically when I go for a run outdoors, my goal is distance. For so long I thought it was all about how far you can run, but now I’m learning that it’s not just about the distance, but the speed. Over the years, I’ve acclimated myself to go far, but not fast. Running with a buddy helps me pick up the pace and challenge myself to cut down my mile time. 

Speed or distance? Run solo or with a pal?

What app do you use for running?

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