Thinking Out Loud [9]

Hiya! My life’s kind of been all over the place lately so I figured it’s a great week to link up with Thinking Out Loud!

link up

1. New Selfie Face: DK and I are settling into homeownership with ease. We took a trip to Home Depot on Saturday morning to get a few things. While he looked at chain saw oil, I occupied myself with Snap Chat. I look good. Home Depot Snap chat

2. Oh yeah, and we got Starbuck’s on the way. Soy green tea latte for me! (There’s that face again, what am I doing?)


3. New Pre-workout Drink: Remember when my pre-workout drink gave me heart palpitations? Yep. That was fun. I had to stop drinking it, but still wanted something to fuel my workout. Luckily, my friends over at Vega sent me some of their Sugar Free Energizer (made with safe ingredients). So far, so good. No funky heart issues. Review to come!

Vega sport energizer

3. Backyard awesomeness: We took a walk through the trail in our backyard and it took us into a magical land of pine needle beds and fiddleheads. I love these little spiral guys…


4. Wedding planning…ugh. I don’t know where to start. Actually, I lied, we already started by making a preliminary guest list. Then we realized this is going to be tough, so we gave up for now.

Engagement Gift

5. I want to make all of these right now:

The thing with being a blogger is that I’m always finding new amazing recipes that I really want to try. But I need to use my free time to make my own recipes for this blog. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, folks.

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9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud [9]

  1. 😆 Oh girl I totally know what you mean about the #bloggerproblems. I’m super god at collecting recipes, but I suck at making them because I need to experiment with my own and I have enough spare food hanging around. I swear… I need a huge family with like 5 kids or something.

  2. I love that face, lol. And the green tea latter, yum!

    Try to enjoy the wedding planning. It’s overwhelming- I did it in 6 months because mine was so small but I would have given myself more time looking back. Especially since you’re still getting settled in your new home!

    I also recommend checking out wedding blogs for ideas. Style Me Pretty has sections for each state which is really helpful for finding venues and vendors, such as a photographer.
    Wedding Chicks is also a good one. And, if possible or even necessary, picking a week day really helps save a ton of money. I actually got married on a Monday (again b/c my wedding was so small) and it was 1/4 of the cost!

    • Luckily, we have more than six months…more like a year and six months! I’m definitely going to add a wedding category to my Bloglovin, but I am definitely enjoying all your wedding recap posts. It looks so dreamy 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

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