we’re engaged!

So…you guys didn’t exactly get the whole story last week when I told you about our new home. We actually got engaged the day we closed on the house! We closed during my lunch break, and planned to have take-out on the floor of our empty house after work and be all cute and stuff. Well, when I got there, he had a table set up with champagne and candles and I knew something was up. Then he reached for his pocket and got down on one knee…and you know the rest!

The past week has been a blur of excitement, happiness, and smiles. We had friends and family over all weekend to celebrate our engagement and share our new home. I feel so loved and blessed!

engagedkissChampagne  IMG_1576

A huge thanks to my best friend Kristen for taking these amazing photos!  


The girls also brought me the cutest engagement gift: wine, champagne, and wedding magazines! We had a fun time flipping through these after we drank all these (but before we had a 90’s themed dance party in my living room).

IMG_1583Oh hey…are those…granite countertops? Why, yes, yes they are. Can you tell I’m excited about those??

DK and I have been together for a long time. Probably officially 5 years at this point, but we truly met TEN years ago in high school and actually dated for a while back then! I think we’ll have the wedding at the high school, what do you think? Kidding. People are asking us if we’ve set a date, but we won’t know the date until we pick a venue. We’ve been talking about our wedding long before we got engaged, and never made any decisions. So now the pressure’s on!

Any advice for wedding planning? Help!

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14 thoughts on “we’re engaged!

  1. I just found your blog through Davida’s and have to say congratulations!! That is such a romantic proposal. I love how simple and authentic it is!
    I got married last month (we were engaged for 6 months) and it is such an exciting time. Especially because you bought a house too. That’s so awesome!!

  2. Ahhhh congratulations!! So happy for you guys! You’re so cute together. I’m not married but my advice from working in the industry is don’t forget to enjoy every minute! And if you need a photog, let me know 😉 😉

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