our first home

Happy Friday! If you read my last post, you already know the big news: DK and I just bought a house! The past few days have been a blur, but I’m so excited to finally talk about it so I just HAD to take a break from unpacking for a quick post. Luckily DK’s schedule is flexible so he was able to take off the week to move us in. We originally planned to do it all tomorrow, but with the help of some AMAZING people, he ended up moving almost all of our stuff over the past few days. There house is less than a mile from our apartment, so that made things very easy!

IMG_4932Why we love this house:

  • It’s about 75 years old, but renovated.
  • It’s in a location we already know and love
  • I can continue going to the same gym
  • Windows. Natural light. Everywhere.
  • Umm…it’s a HOUSE! Big upgrade from our tiny apartment. So much room for activities!
  • Two words: wood stove.
  • There’s a covered porch that we plan to screen in for the summer
  • There’s a yard. And a trail in the woods behind the yard.
  • We can put a garden in that yard
  • and chickens…someday
  • There are wild fiddleheads growing back there


^ excited about my granite countertops and sick stove…wait until you see the fridge we bought

What it means for the Pomegranate Bandit:

  • Awesome kitchen = more recipes
  • Giant windows = better photos
  • Fewer posts for the next few months while we settle in
  • Tons of awesome posts after we settle in

Pretty awesome huh? We’ve been looking for houses on and off since 2010. In 2011, we decided to get an apartment and save our money, so that’s what we did the past few years while keeping an eye on the listings. Then DK got a job on the fire department, and we applied for a loan the day after he graduated the fire academy, because it just felt like the right time. I’m so glad we waited, because this place is just perfect for us in every way. Stay tuned for more updates…I just might have another surprise next week!

New home keys

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