vanilla-cinna maca smoothie

That’s a mouthful isn’t it? And quite literally, too. Ha…sorry. So I bought some maca powder after reading multiple reviews around the web about its mood-enhancing powers and all that jazz, and I’ve been adding it to my smoothies. Maca powder comes from raw maca roots, and the taste is kind of…root-esque? Almost like butterscotch, but not really. Just trust me, it’s delicious when added to creamy smoothies, I promise.

maca powder

So far, my favorite combination is cinnamon and vanilla, so I present to you: the vanilla-cinna maca smoothie. Rich and creamy, full of protein and happy sunshine dust (maca), and filling. Did I mention delicious?

Vanilla-Cinna Maca Smoothie | The Pomegranate Bandit

If you don’t want to go spending your dough on a big bag of maca powder, you could still make the recipe without it, and it will still taste like a cinnamon bun. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’23’]

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