latest workouts and the Quest bar trap

A rare Sunday post! I usually schedule my posts for during the weekdays, but I really wanted to check in and tell you all about my first week of Erin Stern’s Elite body program. I’m really enjoying it and I feel good, even though I had a few hiccups during my first week. Here’s how it went:

Monday // shoulders and arms – Off to a good start! I jogged for five minutes to warm up, and then completed the workout in about 40 minutes. 

Tuesday // plyo and legs – I love leg day. And this workout incorporated some HIIT too, which I also love because it gets my heart racing. I felt like a beast after this workout.

Wednesday // cardio and core – The instructions for this day were to just do intervals for 30 minutes for some cardio and then there was an ab workout after, I ended up doing my own ab moves instead of hers since my gym doesn’t have the equipment she used. 

Thursday // back – I had my trainer, and we ended up doing a little bit of back but mostly arms and shoulders, as well as some HIIT. I was still sore from Tuesday’s leg workout, but pushed through the squats and burpees like a mofo.

Friday // chest and shoulders – Here’s where things got hairy. I’ve been having a weird issue with my upper arm on the right side, so it hurt when I did any type of fly movement. I could do the bench presses, but I couldn’t do the dumbbell flyes. I asked my trainer about it, and he said “so don’t do that!” Sigh. I did as much as I could, but was bummed about the flyes I skipped.

Saturday // sprints – I woke up on Saturday feeling sore and tired, so I decided to cash in on my rest day and do the sprints today instead. I’m glad I did, because I needed that break, and when I got in there today I hit it hard even though it was a quick workout. 

Ready to do the whole week over again starting tomorrow!

Nutrition – I’m definitely more hard on myself than I should be. I’d say I did okay this week with food prep and making sure I was stocked with plenty of veggies and protein, but I also fell into the Quest bar trap and had one almost every day. (remember when I said I hated them?) I guess they ARE pretty good for barely any carbs or sugar. I got lazy at the end of the week and had the unhealthy type of trail mix for lunch, and then indulged in sushi and ice cream last night. (not even froyo. I’m talkin’ that real, full-fat, creamy chocolatey ice cream)

salmon sweet potato cakes

I’ve been making these salmon sweet potato cakes from The Little Honey Bee twice a week because I’m OBSESSED with them and they are so delicious! DK doesn’t like salmon so I make them for myself for dinner when he’s working a 24 hour and then bring the leftovers to work the next day. I’m also on a smoothie kick…you’ll be seeing a new recipe for one tomorrow! TGISW (Thank God It’s Smoothie Weather). Speaking of weather, DK and I took advantage of the sunshine yesterday and went for a walk on our favorite trail. It felt amazing to be back out there, I’m looking forward to some long Sunday runs.

on the trail

What’s your favorite thing about this time of year?

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5 thoughts on “latest workouts and the Quest bar trap

  1. Where does it hurt on your upper arm? If it’s only hurting when you’re doing dumbbell flyes it may be stemming from your back/shoulder area. If you really want to keep that move in your work out try decreasing your weights for a bit, and make sure you rest/stretch the area on the days you’re not working it. I’m certified in Exercise Physiology so I help my customers with dealing with stuff like this all the time. Nothing more frustrating than injury! Hope it gets better soon. 🙂

    • It’s only my right arm, in the area where they’d give you a shot at the doctor. It actually feels similar to the soreness after getting a shot, but I haven’t had one! It hurts when I grab my purse from the passenger seat getting out of my car, maybe that has something to do with it? My trainer did actually help me with it last week since this isn’t the first time it’s hurt, and we worked it out and it felt better until the other day!

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