overcoming a workout slump

Two weeks ago I posted about how I was okay with basically half-assing my workouts. I lied. Well, I kinda lied. It was a true statement at the time, but since then I’ve had a random surge in motivation and ambition and realized I was just making excuses. Maybe I’ve been following too many fitness junkies on Instagram, but I’m suddenly back on the weight lifting train. RAWRRR. (that’s my badass lifting roar…I promise I don’t do that while I lift weights)

The last time I did a lifting program, I was pressured by an upcoming vacation and went too hard on myself. But I do miss the feeling of finding new muscles and noticing new developments in my abs, biceps, legs, etc. Don’t worry, I’m not aiming to look like a rotisserie chicken in a bedazzled bikini. I just want to be a badass lifter again. (rawwwrr…….no? maybe?) 

Looking back, I noticed I thrive more off a structured program like Insanity or P90X. When I did Jamie Eason’s program, I fell in love with weight lifting, but then the program ended, and ever since then, my ratio of cardio to strength training has flip-flopped. I’ll start my workout on the treadmill and do intervals for a half hour, and then spend another 20 minutes doing a little strength training, usually a few sets of abs or arms. Not very challenging. I’ve got myself into quite a workout slump.

Overcoming a workout slump | The Pomegranate Bandit

In order to push out of my slump, I need a new routine. I turned to bodybuilding.com once again and discovered Erin Stern’s Elite Body 4-week trainer program. Boom. Four weeks, six days a week. Each day focuses on a different muscle group, and one day is just for cardio. I see my trainer on Thursdays, so I’ll be sure to let him know which muscle group I’d like to focus on in place of the workout I’m supposed to do that day. I also want to keep up with Bikram yoga, so I’ll continue doing that on Sundays which is a rest day in the program. 

I love it because there’s a video for each workout that goes through each exercise in detail so I’ll know what I’m doing when I get to the gym. I’m only a few days in, but I can already feel the difference it’s made in terms of my mood and energy levels. Bodybuilding.com also offers user profiles called Bodyspace (I can’t help but think of Myspace, which is pretty accurate since it’s so similar with all the muscley selfies and whatnot) that lets you track your progress and your workouts. You can upload progress photos and update your weight and measurements, and even find friends in a similar weight class. The best part is that it’s all free…which is crazy because so many paid workout programs out there don’t offer the things that the Bodyspace platform does. 

Bodyspace workout tracking on Bodybuilding.com

With all that said, I promise I won’t turn into a meat head, and I’ll try really hard not to post too many photos of my muscles. Wait, I’m just realizing why they created Bodyspace…could this be a movement to keep all gym selfies from other social media outlets? *If this post miraculously disappears tomorrow, it’s because I’ve figured out their secret*

Stay tuned for progress updates! (or friend me on Bodyspace…I’ll put you in my Top 8)

Do you use a set routine when you workout, or just wing it?

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5 thoughts on “overcoming a workout slump

  1. I swear you read my freakin’ mind with this post. I’ve so been in a slump lately and just got back into lifting this past week. I LOVE IT so why do I stop? I think I do need structure but it’s hard for lifting because there aren’t really classes .. I should look into the Jamie Eason program you did. I think the most daunting part of lifting for me is just not having a plan and going to the gym being like “What do I do?” I feel like I know a lot but still lack the confidence sometimes. Plus, even if I know a lot it’s putting it all together into a routine that;s the hardest. Bodybuilding is a great How-To source. I always use them! I just want someone to make a chart for me with a lifting routine and weight recommendations for every day haha.

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