playlist: 50 great running songs

The speed and duration of my runs are directly related to the music I listen to. And if I happen to forget my headphones…the run is not happening. Lately, my circuit training playlist hasn’t been cutting it for me on the treadmill, so I decided to make a playlist specifically for running.

50 Great Running Songs: A Spotify playlist by The Pomegranate Bandit

I usually end up pressing the skip button a few times if I’m just not feeling a song, so I need a long playlist that allows for plenty of skips. This one has FIFTY of the best songs for running. There’s everything from classic rock to dubstep to 90’s jams, and all of them will make you run faster!

What are your favorite running songs?

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6 thoughts on “playlist: 50 great running songs

  1. Hi there Ashley! You’ve got some pretty awesome beats right there. Like you, I also run with style and music will always be part of it. To share to you what keeps me pumped up, here are my playlist:
    1. Let me think about it – Ida Corr ft Fedde le Grande
    2. In the Middle – Kazaky
    3. Live it up – JLo ft. Pitbull
    4. Tacata – Tacabro
    5. Shinig star – get far
    Hope you’ll try to listen to all of it and leave me some replies

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