Life Alive Cafe

This past Saturday, DK and I went to Life Alive in Lowell for lunch. Life Alive is an organic cafe in the downtown area that serves everything from warm meals to wraps to smoothies and fresh pressed juices. I’d heard of it a few times and wanted to go VERY badly since it pretty much sounds like my kind of thing, but I just never got around to it. Finally, a few weeks ago, my company ordered lunch from them and I was blown away with how good it was! I had to take DK there to get his opinion. I got “The Emperor” and he got “The Hot & Healthy Bachelor,” and we split the “Be Alive” fresh juice, served in a mason jar. (check out the menu!)

Eating at Life Alive

The vibe of the cafe was chill with lots of artwork and plants and jars of loose-leaf tea. Yep, definitely my kind of place. As for DK? He’s not so much into the earthy-crunchy stuff, but he did enjoy his wrap! The best part is that I felt great after, because I knew I was eating fresh and organic. I’m hoping this can become a regular place of ours…maybe next time I’ll even get him to try some kombucha!

Do you have a favorite spot like this that matches your personality?

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4 thoughts on “Life Alive Cafe

  1. There’s one in Cambridge too that my friend has been wanting to check out. Recently we went to Root in Allston which is also an organic/vegan restaurant and it was really good. If you’re ever in the area I definitely recommend it!

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