that time I had my eyebrow pierced

If you’ve read my story, you know that I’ve tried on quite a few different… my early years. I don’t regret any of it, and I’m not ashamed. It’s all just part of the process of growing up (does it ever end?) and I think everyone goes through some sort of discovery phase. I wanted so badly to fit in, but at the same time I wanted to express my individuality. In college, I decided to get my eyebrow pierced because I thought it looked pretty cool on Fergie. Turns out it didn’t look so good on me (I took it out after a few months).


^sweet hemp necklace

These days, I don’t have as many piercings and I ditched the black eyeliner. Those are things that are easy to control. The shape of my body, not so much. Exactly one year ago I was trying to lose weight for an upcoming vacation. I did P90X and all kinds of dieting, just so I wouldn’t look like a whale standing next to my friends in our beach photos. I turned down all desserts and worked out every day, all because I just wanted to fit in. Seems like something I’ll never grow out of, right?


^When this photo was taken, body image was the last thing on my mind because I was laughing too hard.

With no vacations on the calendar this year, I’ve started becoming more lax in my training and eating habits. I don’t go to the gym every single day, and when I do, I don’t go HAM. Just enough to get my heart rate up. I went all-out in NYC, enjoying pasta (gasp!) and all kinds of pastries. Last weekend, we went out to eat three times. And I got pasta, again! I just don’t try as hard as I used to, and it’s okay. I’m never going to be ripped like the fitness professionals I follow on Instagram, because they are professionals, and I’m your average twenty-something just trying to be healthy and happy.

I’m not saying I’ve let myself go, because I would never stop working out or eating healthy. I actually like going to the gym and eating clean. It’s just that sometimes I like sleeping better, and sometimes I want pizza instead of quinoa. And I realized that in order to “fit in,” I’d have to work really, really hard, and it’s just not worth it. I’m okay with having arms that jiggle a little bit, because I don’t want to spend more than an hour at the gym a day and I’d like to continue eating pizza.

Thanks to Spoons for letting me word vomit again for today’s Thinking Out Loud!

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Have you ever done anything weird or crazy to fit in?

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6 thoughts on “that time I had my eyebrow pierced

  1. This is something that I’ve been realizing more and more as I get older too — I’m just not willing to put in the kind of effort it takes to look a certain way because it doesn’t feel worth it anymore. I just can’t justify spending hours working out and passing on all the food I love just to be a few pounds lighter, when I can look perfectly fine and eat more or less what I want while working out to stay healthy. Oh the things I would go back to tell my younger self…

  2. Such good points! I think after years of hating on ourselves we find that happy medium. I often wonder why I wasted so much time analyzing every bite I put into my mouth when ultimately what matters is the bigger picture. Eating clean and exercising is so important, but so is indulging every once in a while!

  3. Such a good post !!!! I have been becoming very lax with my training as well.. not really an vacations to look forward to and summer seems still far away. Sometimes I feel like I should be eating healthy all the time and feel guilty because these people on instagram and pintrest have the best bodies ever but I have to remind myself they do this for a living. I also want to enjoy life and PASTA like you said !!! πŸ™‚

  4. To be old and wise…I did the hemp necklace thing, I dyed my hair all kinds of colors…and pierced my ears a ton- four on each one (dad would’ve killed me if I had any other holes in my body!). But looking back I don’t regret (most) of it. It was a part of me growing up, On the health side…well, a lot of my recent posts talk about how I am trying to eat normal again after years of restricting. Its a mental challenge but chocolate is worth it πŸ™‚

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