two exciting things

I know I’ve been kind of M.I.A. lately, but it’s for a good reason, I promise. I’ve had some time for an occasional recipe or WIAW post, but I haven’t really shared much else of what’s happening in my life. There are a lot of exciting things happening right now, but for now I can only share two of them.

1. The Recipe ReDux

Recipe ReDux

I am so happy to announce that I’ve recently been accepted to The Recipe ReDux! The Recipe ReDux is a recipe challenge that occurs each month between food bloggers around a specified theme. I can’t wait for my first challenge in April! Check out the archives for past challenges to get an idea of what’s to come. 

2. Israel Bound

I finally planned my birthright trip to Israel! This August, my brother and I will be riding camels and floating in the Dead Sea. I’ve been overseas multiple times and have had the travel bug ever since my first experience in another country. The last time I traveled overseas was in 2009, when I went to Sicily for a month for an Art History program in college. It’s hard to plan a trip like that when you have too many bills and not enough vacation time, but I’m so very fortunate enough to have this opportunity because of my Jewish background. 

Tell me what’s happening in your life! Where is your favorite travel destination?

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