WIAW – NYC edition

I took last Friday off and spent the weekend visiting one of my best friends who lives in Manhattan. I drove into the city with Kristen and Meg, and since we would be in the car up to four hours, I packed plenty of snacks. (they weren’t too thrilled when I whipped out the smelly hard-boiled eggs, sorry ladies!) I wanted to get in my protein and veggies because I knew I wouldn’t be holding back the rest of the weekend.

Road Trip Snacks | The Pomegranate Bandit

I’ve been to NYC a few times already, so we planned on having a low-key weekend instead of trying to fit a million activities into one day. I just wanted to enjoy myself and the company of my friends, so I didn’t spend the whole weekend behind my phone taking photos of every single thing I did. We shopped, we ate, we drank, and we laughed. 

There was a cute little cafe around the corner from my friend’s apartment called Beanocchio’s that we visited multiple times. The iced chai tea latte with almond milk was my drink of choice, but they also had tons of food ranging from sandwiches to quinoa salad.

Beanocchio's in Manhattan

I’d have to say the best thing I ate all weekend was at dinner on Saturday night: lobster ravioli from Sotto Cinque. I don’t have a photo…but I have the memory. I can’t tell you the last time I ordered pasta, or something that said “in a cream sauce” on the menu. It was worth it.

I woke up early on Sunday morning and decided to go out and explore while my friends slept. I didn’t want to stray too far, so I just walked along the river and enjoyed the rare quiet city. On the way back, I picked up another chai latte.

sunday stroll in Manhattan

When I got back to my friend’s apartment, Kristen and Meg were ready for brunch, our last meal in the city. We went to Gracie Mews Diner and I ordered the challah french toast with bacon. (another thing I don’t typically order out) I was a little bummed when they gave us little cups of Smucker’s Syrup which has crap ingredients, so I asked if they had pure maple syrup. They gave me some for an extra charge of $1.25. Hmph.

Gracie Mews Diner, NYC

After brunch, we weren’t quite ready to part with the city so we walked around in search of matcha lattes and bakeries. No luck with the matcha lattes (apparently New Yorkers are strictly coffee people) but I did find a little shop that sold my favorite treat: french macarons! I chose six different flavors to take home with me, and of course a coconut water for the long drive.

That night back home, I ended up eating all six for dinner. Oops.

French Macarons from NYC 


Ever been to NYC? What are your favorite spots & eats?

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7 thoughts on “WIAW – NYC edition

  1. Sometimes I break out hard boiled eggs at the office.. my officemate hates me lol guilty !!! But I love eggs and the smell is only for a few minutes come on people !! Lol I love NYC there are always so many little cute places to go to..and i feel like everything is good there !!!

  2. I’ve only been there once and it was 4 years ago haha I don’t even remember where we ate or what we did! Expect the statue of liberty! I hope I get to go back sometime again!

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