foods I hate that everyone is obsessed with

We made it halfway through the first week of March! Congrats. For this week’s What I Ate Wednesday, I decided to do a special theme. I guess if you want to get all technical, today would be “What I won’t eat Wednesday.”

Every so often I’ll come across someone who claims they’re “just not an ice cream person.” Um, what? Seriously? I can’t relate to those people. Which is probably why I don’t associate with them very often. Then again, there are a lot of foods I don’t like that everyone else raves about. Such as…

1. Buffalo Chicken



Not a fan of spicy foods, but this is just beyond spicy. It’s like…weird spicy. There’s something else in there. It is not enjoyable for me.

2. Sriracha



Okay, I’ve never actually tried this…but it’s very spicy, and me no-likey spicy things.

3. Avocados



This is a texture thing for me. I actually do love guacamole, but sliced avocados by themselves or in sushi? No way, Jose.

4. Quest Bars



I was super excited about these because everyone says such good things, but when I finally tried them, I was disappointed. They are SO chewy and make my jaw hurt, and they don’t taste too great. I can taste the funky artificial flavors, which is why I prefer to just make my own snack bars!

5. Pepperoni



I’ll eat a greasy cheese pizza all day long but if it has been within the vicinity of pepperoni…fahgeddabadit. People say “Oh, sorry, I only ordered pepperoni…you can just peel it off.” Um, no. The taste still lingers on that precious cheese and I will not touch it.


What about you? Any foods you dislike that others rave about?

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21 thoughts on “foods I hate that everyone is obsessed with

  1. I HATE buffalo chicken- I worked as a waitress in college at Chilis and just hate that smell! It’s not a good spicy, though I do love spicy things. More like spicy salsa. I also hate Quest bars- the texture, the flavor…

  2. I haven’t actually experienced half of these but I love avocados and pepperoni! One thing I don’t get that other people seem to love are chia seeds. And balsamic vinegar. Sacrilege I know!

  3. Now allllthoughhhh I may by one of those annoying people who’s obsessed with, literally, everything you’ve just listed I, too, have a few things I hate that everyone loves and I get grief for. Like mayonnaise, which repulses me…and rye bread, which even the smell of makes me gag…and pickles!! UGH PICKLES!! And EVERYWHERE serves pickles with sandwiches!! The worst thing in the world is pickle juice running into the bread of my perfectly good grilled cheese sandwich and DESTROYING it.

    Haha. On that note…Happy Wednesday. πŸ˜€

    • I have to agree with you there on the pickle juice thing, UGH! As long as you aren’t one of those people who “doesn’t like sweets” then we can be friends πŸ™‚

  4. Loved this round-up! I also am not a fan of pepperoni’s! I like buffalo sauce, but just a hint. If it’s too saucy or overly spicy I just can’t hang. Also, it’s nice to hear a different perspective on Quest Bars. All I’ve heard is people RAVE about them and it’s nice to hear another opinion!


  5. I, too, saw everyone raving about Quest Bars so I was really excited to try one and thought it was HORRIBLE! Something has to be pretty bad for me not to eat it and that bar was pretty bad. Blech!

  6. I’m so glad to hear that there is someone else out there who dislikes Quest bars. All I’ve heard was good things about them. Some people eat 2 in a day. I was so excited to try one and when I finally did, I was so disappointed. I have yet to come across a bar I didn’t like until I tried a Quest bar.

  7. Before I even scrolled down to see your list I thought of Quest Bars. Then when you had them on the list I thought finally. These bars are disgusting.

  8. I’m also a hater of buffalo chicken and pepperoni. Sriracha can be acceptable as an ingredient, but I never just squirt it on things like a lot of people do.

    I hate celery. Most people claim it has no flavor. Hello, why are you eating it, then?? To me, it has a strong and horrible flavor.

    I hate Oreos, which are very popular. Other sandwich cookies full of fakey ingredients, I know I shouldn’t be eating them, but on the rare occasions when I do I enjoy them. Oreo cookies are bitter, the frosting is flavorless and coats the inside of your mouth with horrible goo, and the whole thing has this machine-oil flavor undertone, bleah!!

    • I used to love oreos but now I can’t eat them without feeling like I did something really dirty. And I know what you mean about the frosting coating the inside of your mouth, not a good feeling!

  9. Ahh, I love the idea of a “What I Won’t Eat Wednesdays” post! There are so many foods I don’t like that other people rave about (and I get some major funny looks for). I’m with you on everything on your list (does that make us both weird?) except for avocados. I didn’t always enjoy them, but I learned to love them. Try refrigerating them before eating if you ever feel like trying them out again… that worked wonders for me!

  10. I’m with you on hating pepperoni and buffalo chicken. I like the buffalo sauce (anything spicy is my jam, especially sriracha haha), but loathe chicken wings and breaded boneless chicken.

    I happen to love Quest bars, but the majority of the flavors need to be warmed up in the microwave or left in a hot car or something to soften up before eating. Otherwise the flavors are off and you might break your jaw trying to chew them.

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