racing heart rate workout

I get so bored on stationary cardio machines. That’s why I love circuit workouts that are cardio-based, so I still burn fat while I’m building muscle. I designed this one so that each circuit alternates between heart-pumping cardio moves and slower moves like bicep curls to bring the heart rate back down…only to have it racing again on the next interval. All you need is a kettle bell, some hand weights, and an interval timer (I use a free app on my phone). See below for some links to the exercises.

Racing Heart Rate Workout | The Pomegranate Bandit


What’s your favorite type of workout?

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2 thoughts on “racing heart rate workout

  1. I too despise steady state cardio machines unless my kindle is in tow…I need entertainment. This looks like a bomb circuit as it keeps things interesting!

    You also can’t burn yourself…actually scrap that, a burnout. 😉

    • I HAVE been known to watch Gossip Girl on my phone while running…but if I’m on the elliptical I’ll slow down and become mesmerized by it! At least the tredmill kind of forces the movement!

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