I just drank algae?!

Linking up with my girl Amanda for today’s Thinking Out Loud post! The perfect opportunity to word vomit all over my blog. That saying is a lot funnier when it is actually said out loud…reading it just sounds kind of gross. ANYWAY…

link up


Getting the hang of this…and loving the look and feel 100 times better than facebook. Anyone else prefer G+ or are you partial to another social media platform? Is the book soon to be a thing of the past?


Green Kombucha

My first experience with Kombucha was about a year ago. I had no idea what it was, but the chia seeds drew me in since I had recently discovered their powers. I tried a raspberry flavor with chia, and loved it. Then I forgot about it…until now. Yesterday, I grabbed this green one and cracked it open without reading the label. It tasted really good, and I started reading the ingredients. Um. It’s algae. I was drinking algae. After overcoming the shock, I considered other weird ingredients us health nuts are willing to try (bee pollen…wheat grass…yeah) Well, I guess it’s good for me…so…bottoms up!

Etsy Purchases

Rings from Etsy

I’ve recently become obsessed with buying jewelry off Etsy. I seem to be allergic to fake metal, even when it claims to be nickel free or whatever, most earrings still make my ears itch. So I tried some handmade sterling silver studs and got a little click happy. So far, I’ve purchased two rings, and three sets of studs. I love supporting small businesses, especially handmade items! These are the links to what I’ve bought, in case you’re interested:

Stuffed Squash

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Made this stuffed acorn squash Monday night for dinner and couldn’t get over how good it came out. You know how sometimes you try recipes and they’re just…eh? Well, this one was WOW! Donnie even said it was the best rice I ever made. I totally switched it from my must try recipes Pinterest board to the favorite eats board.

Pretty Little Liars


I really don’t want to admit this but I have to get it off my chest. I’ve been watching this show on Netflix and I’m addicted. I think I just like seeing the clothes they wear and the overall styling of the set because they do such a great job. The actual storyline is sooo ridiculous but I usually watch it while cruising Pinterest on my ipad or knitting, so it’s more like a background show. Whatever I need to tell myself to justify it, right?

A special day

Fire Department

Tomorrow is a very important day for DK. He is graduating the fire academy after a long three months of lotsa stress, studying, and sore muscles. I’m so incredibly proud of him! Congrats hun!

Talk to me:

  • What are your thoughts on Google+?
  • What kinds of weird health foods have you tried?
  • Show me your favorite Etsy shop!

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2 thoughts on “I just drank algae?!

  1. I’m still kind of new to the whole G+ thing, but I definitely like it a tonne more than Facebook. Facebook I just don’t get, and I’ve never had a personal account, so learning to use it for the blog was definitely an interesting experience. And heck… I’m still a noob at it.

    And you’re right — we DO eat some weird things in the name of health. Nutritional yeast is definitely one that comes to mind, as is kombucha (helloooooo bacteria culture). But I guess those things are better than eating some of the crazy chemicals that are pumped into more popular foods…

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