Confession: I don’t always eat healthy

Kicking off hump day with another What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks, Jenn for hosting! (Technically this is what I ate yesterday/Tuesday) I also want to take this opportunity to explain that I don’t always eat 100% healthy. If I did a WIAW post last week, you would have seen the countless brownies I stuffed my face with while on a photo shoot for work. It was catered, so there was a lot of tempting food around, and I couldn’t resist. I had a bagel (gasp), some munchkins (oh, the horror!), a mystery wrap (tuna, I think), chips (at least they were multigrain?), and lots of cookies and brownies. I felt awful physically and mentally because I totally went overboard. I don’t eat those types of foods too often because of their sugar content, so my body was acting like a drug addict that was relapsing and kept going back for more. These days happen, but they remind me why it’s so important to eat healthy. I’m back on track this week, and I feel like a different person. No mood swings and no bloating, and most importantly I am back from my brief blogging hiatus. This proves that the key to creativity is to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Now, on to the eats:

What I Ate Wednesday 2/26 by The Pomegranate Bandit

  • 5:30am // PB on ezekiel bread to fuel my morning workout
  • 7:30am // another version of my cinnamon protein pancakes, this time with blueberries inside, topped with almond butter, sliced banana, and maple syrup
  • 9:00am // green tea!
  • 11:00am // a sad looking jar of greek yogurt and thawed out mangoes and raspberries…with a slight coffee flavor because the lid of the jar had been used for a jar of ground coffee and wasn’t washed, oops!
  • Noon // handful of almonds
  • 1:00pm // leftover stuffed squash from the night before…this photo was from that night since the squash stuffed into my tupperware wasn’t too appetizing looking, but tasted great! One half was a perfect portion, it’s a lot more filling that it looks. This also got rave reviews from the boyfriend, claiming it as the “best rice I’ve ever made.”
  • 2:30pm // carrot sticks and hummus! Guess my lunch really wasn’t so filling after all?
  • 5:10pm // went for Mexican with some coworkers after work. In an effort to refrain from dumping the chip basket in my mouth, I put some on a napkin. But then three hours later we were still there and I went back to the basket anyways. I tried, right?
  • 5:30pm // ordered a veggie burrito sans the wrap, it was delicious! I could only eat about half of what you see in the photo. So much food.


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3 thoughts on “Confession: I don’t always eat healthy

  1. We all have those ‘must have all the cookies!’ days. It feeds the soul as well as the body 🙂 and it’s totally ok! I try not to feel so guilty over an extra chocolate I had from the work candy dish- I’m only human 🙂 And I love Ezekial bread!

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