the lazy girl’s gourmet pizza

Lazy Girl's Gourmet Pizza | The Pomegranate Bandit

I dismissed the idea of the guilt-free pizza long ago. I tried it all: the cauliflower crust, the sweet potato crust, the whole wheat crust, etc. None of them worked for me. Especially cauliflower crust, which should just be called “dish sponge crust.”

When DK and I make homemade pizza, it’s usually because we don’t feel like cooking and want something delicious, ASAP. That said, we don’t want to deal with the hassle of making dough, so we use pre-made crust. It’s not the healthiest option, but it is a much better alternative to you’re average pie from the pizza joint down the street.

Making your own pizza gives you control over the ingredients and the ratios, which can make all the difference. More veggies=healthy pizza. Less cheese=even healthier pizza. And you can be creative! Make up your own combinations and try new things.

Lazy Girl's Gourmet Pizza | The Pomegranate Bandit


  • pre-made pizza crust, already cooked (the two-pack crust works perfectly for us so I can make a veggie-loaded pizza for me, and pepperoni for him)
  • pizza sauce (look for one with the least amount of sugar and ingredients)
  • shredded cheese (any kind, get creative with it!)
  • olive oil
  • toppings: sliced baby tomatoes, sauteed spinach/kale, roasted vegetables, caramelized onions, cooked shredded chicken, etc.


Prepare crust according to package directions. Spread a thin layer of sauce onto the crust and add a sprinkle of cheese, then your toppings. Add another sprinkle of cheese to lock them in, and bake according to package directions.

try these

pesto in place of pizza sauce with gorgonzola cheese


sliced heirloom tomatoes with goat cheese and parmesan


BBQ sauce topped with caramelized onions, spinach, and chicken


crack an egg on top and add bacon crumbles for a breakfast pizza

in the comments

What would you put on your pizza?

Do you prefer to make your own or order out?

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2 thoughts on “the lazy girl’s gourmet pizza

  1. Yummy! That pizza looks delicious. We love making pizza at home, it’s quick, easy and, like you said, we get to control the ingredients and put whatever our heart’s desire on top. Our go-to homemade pizza is a Neapolitan style pizza with mozzarella, mushrooms, onions and lots of sauce!

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