sunday morning playlist

Hi there! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I was hibernating the past week with a nasty head cold that pretty much knocked me on my ass. I had planned to shoot a few recipes over the weekend, but that all went out the window and I just slept and had myself a little Netflix marathon. Sometimes we just need days like that.

Sunday Morning Playlist | The Pomegranate Bandit

Anyhoo, I’m linking up with Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective for today’s installment of the Creative Collective: Make a Playlist. I’ve been following her blog ever since I found it through Kristen a few weeks ago, and I’m officially obsessed. I LOVE finding fellow designer’s blogs!

The Creative Collective

This playlist features 20 feel good, chill out tunes. It’s perfect for making breakfast on a Sunday morning, which is why I named it the Sunday Morning Playlist. In case you didn’t get that right away. Check it out on Spotify and start cookin’ that bacon!

7 thoughts on “sunday morning playlist

  1. I tried to listen to the playlist, but it only let me listen to the first song. At any rate – I enjoyed that first one and will try again to listen to the playlist – and introduce myself to some new music! 🙂 Thanks girl.

  2. Regina Spektor is one of my favorites. I haven’t heard the rest of your list. I discovered through participating with this how truly selective I am about music – so creating my list was challenging, but it ended up being fun.

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