rude vegetables {thinking out loud #5}

Linking up with Running with Spoons again! I love these posts.

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1. First things first, this baby carrot:

rude baby carrot

My coworkers and I had a good laugh at that one yesterday during lunch break. I’m glad we share the same immature humor. (you bet your bottom I saved that thing)

2. So I bought some Arctic Zero since I heard so much buzz about it and how it tastes great and is only 150 calories per pint. Well, it tastes like someone tried to make a chocolate snow cone. It’s not good, folks. No wonder it’s only 150 calories, it’s mostly water! Luckily, I was catching up on Paige’s blog and she mentioned using it for smoothies, so I’ll be trying that.

Arctic Zero

3. On a more boring note, I’ve decided to cancel my cable and switch to a service that’s just internet. It should save me around $100 bucks a month, and hopefully I can save enough for a new iMac since my 7 year old macbook should be curated to a museum.

4. We still have our Christmas tree up. I should probably mention that it’s on our front porch since we couldn’t fit it in the apartment…but that’s probably worse because it’s there for all to see. It will probably stay there until the temperature reaches above 60.

5. Seriously though, that carrot.

Tell me what you’re thinking!

8 thoughts on “rude vegetables {thinking out loud #5}

  1. 😆 Yeaaaaah… that carrot 😆 And I’ve still got my tree up as well… I managed to take down the other decorations and strip the tree of its ornaments and garlands, but it’ll be a while before I actually commit to taking it apart and boxing it. I kind of like the extra splash of green that it adds though 😉

  2. I used to eat Arctic Zero as a replacement food but then realized I like real ice cream better. haha That’s an understatement. I wish we could find a cheaper cable plan that does just internet. Right now the cheapest plan includes basic cable/internet and I guess we can’t get internet by itself for cheaper.

  3. That carrot… oh my. So you should try Halo Top ice cream. I’ve had Arctic Zero and it’s okay – don’t get PB chocolate though.

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