WIAW: food is fuel

If you’re not a regular reader of Treats and Travels, you should really head over there and check out this awesome post Kristen did in honor of my blogiversary. Isn’t she sweet?

Anyway, I was going to bring back Workout Wednesday, since I scribbled down an awesome workout that I tried last weekend, but I lost the post-it that I wrote it on. Good grief. Instead, I’ll just show you what I ate yesterday!



After my morning sweat-sesh, I needed some protein and carbs to re-fuel. At 7:30, I whipped up a big bowl of oats with lots of fresh blueberries, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, and honey. I decided that wouldn’t be enough, so I cooked up two egg whites as well.

tea time


I’ve really gotten into tea over the past year, and I like to start my workday with a cup when I get in. It’s so much cheaper than buying coffee at Starbucks or Dunks everyday, and it tastes really good! I’ve been weaning myself off sweeteners for a while, so I just use 1/3 packet of Stevia to sweeten it. Stash Chai Green Tea is my latest favorite kind, but I love most Yogi teas too.



Usually I get hungry again around 10, but that breakfast kept me full until 11:00am, when I had some baby carrots for a snack.



For the first time in like, ever, I didn’t bring my lunch to work. I opted for the salad bar at the cafeteria and topped it with all kinds of things…but it was disappointing once I took a bite. I could tell the roasted red peppers and mushrooms came from a jar because they were coated in some sort of vinegar..yeeeuchk. The tomatoes were NOT good at all and the chicken kind of freaked me out because I don’t know where it came from. THIS IS WHY I PREFER TO MAKE MY OWN MEALS.



Around 4pm I had an apple. I’m not sure if I was hungry or bored, but it tasted pretty good.



By the time I got home from work, I was so exhausted I practically fell onto the bed and ended up taking a little catnap for about 20 minutes. I finally started dinner around 6:30 and made good old fashioned chicken parm with asparagus and whole wheat pasta. It definitely hit the spot and gave me the carbs I needed for this morning’s workout!

After cleaning up, I was craving something sweet. I had lots of treats over the past few days, so instead I poured myself a tall glass of water and distracted myself by catching up on GIRLS.

What was the best thing you ate today?

4 thoughts on “WIAW: food is fuel

  1. Blueberries in oatmeal is delicious! They add such a nice sweetness to it.
    I’m with ya on the home prepared meals. I don’t trust the food they serve in the cafeteria..
    Ahh.. chicken parm with pasta? Dee. Lish. Us!
    The best thing I ate was the peanut butter mug cake I had a little earlier. Yum! 😀

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