thinking out loud: emotional rollercoaster

So many random thoughts in my brain today. And that makes for a perfect Thinking Out Loud post!

1. I wasn’t going to post yesterday, and ended up with some last minute inspiration to write about my progress with intuitive eating and link up with What I Ate Wednesday. When I tried to join the link-up, it was closed! I was so bummed because it came straight from the heart and I was really happy with it. Oh well.

EDIT: Thank you to Maria who informed me the link-up was still open! It must have just been a glitch when I went to add mine yesterday.

2. On another food-related note, I made this Roasted Sweet Potato and Quinoa Soup for dinner last night. I love soups like this, and since DK doesn’t like curry, I usually make my butternut squash soup when he’s not home. This was a perfect alternative that filled us both up and provided lunch for today as well!

Sweet Potato & Quinoa Soup | The Pomegranate Bandit

3. A retail miracle has happened to me. Last weekend I attempted to find a new purse for my trip to NYC this weekend, but had no luck. “I just want the same Steve Madden bag I already have, but in another color,” I whined to my friends. I got it last August for my LA trip. It’s the perfect bag, with all the right pockets and just the right amount of slouchiness, but it’s bright yellow. I can’t wear a bright yellow bag in the dead of winter. *gasp*

Cupcake ATM | The Pomegranate Bandit

Cut to Tuesday, on my lunch break, out and about. I stopped into TJMaxx to check out their handbag selection, and low and behold, sitting in front of me as soon as I walked in…was the bag!! In a beautiful metallic silver! Not trashy metallic, the classy kind, so I bought it.

I should’ve known it was too good to be true, because later I discovered a rip where the zipper was. I was crushed. I called around other stores and found one to exchange it, but I couldn’t believe a handbag could make me feel so many different emotions in one day.

4. I’ve been looking forward to this NYC trip all week. Kristen, Meg, and I are going to visit Steph, who lives smack in the middle of the city, while she’s at PA school for the next two years. The last time we were all in NYC together was October 2012, and we had a blast. I was really looking forward to this little getaway, but Steph’s roommates came down with something that sounds like food poisoning. We aren’t sure if it’s that or a virus, so now all plans are on hold until tonight. So far it’s not looking good!

NYC with the girls | The Pomegranate Bandit

5. I was pretty bummed last night after hearing the news, so I tried to see the light in the situation. If I end up staying home, I’ll have the whole weekend to whip up some new recipes I’ve had in mind for the Bandit. Yay, everyone wins!

Any suggestions for future posts?

8 thoughts on “thinking out loud: emotional rollercoaster

  1. Purses are serious business! I have a pretty healthy collection of them that I alternate depending on my outfit, the season, my mood, etc. so I totally understand all the emotions behind your bag drama. Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out quite right 😦 And that bowl of soup — omigoodness it looks amazing. Even though the weather is warming up, I could definitely still use a bowl of comfort. Going to have to look into whipping up some soup soon.

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