do you listen to your stomach? [WIAW]

Today’s WIAW post was brought to you by my stomach.

Chicken Salad

Now that the holiday’s are over, my binging has subsided. The last time I overate and felt uncomfortable was a week ago on New Year’s eve. I’m working hard to connect with my body’s signals of hunger and satisfaction, and though you’d think this simple concept would be easy…it’s not. Back in May, I posted about hunger directed eating, but never really posted more on the topic. During the holidays, I talked about my struggle with finding balance, and I’ve had a few personal victory’s the last week, so I thought I’d check in with my progress so far.

personal victory #1

It’s so hard to make a conscious effort to pay attention to your food. Which is funny, because I think about food like 99% of the day. But the thing is, people spend so much time thinking about their food and anticipating it, they gobble it down and barely remember tasting it once it’s too late. It’s especially tough when eating in a social setting like a restaurant. You need to pay attention to your dinner, but also make conversation.

On Saturday, DK and I went out to eat for a friend’s birthday. We met at Fishbone’s, one of my favorite seafood restaurants. To start, I ordered a French Martini. I almost always get water, but I felt like treating myself to a cocktail, so I went for it. I must’ve felt brave that night, because instead of my usual grilled salmon entree, I got the mixed grill, which came with salmon, swordfish, shrimp, vegetables, and rice. The martini started to fill me up before dinner was served (probably the sugary pineapple juice), so I started sipping on water instead. Once the meal came, I realized I was much more interested in the hamburger and fries that DK had. I tried a few bites of my dinner, and then some of his fries. Then I had a bite of that delicious juicy burger and it was all over (might have been the alcohol talking…“feed me fast fooood”). I had my meal wrapped up, ate a few more fries, finished my drink, and felt pretty satisfied. Then they brought the birthday girl a cake…so I had a few bites of that, but no more.

Fishbone's Mixed Grill

I didn’t feel disgustingly full, and I was proud of myself for not holding back on the fries and burger. The next day, I had some wonderful leftovers for lunch!

personal victory #2

Usually after dinner I crave something sweet. I’ve read that this is because having dessert signals your stomach that you’re done eating, so my stomach is waiting for that signal. I’m trying to kick it by drinking a big, cold glass of water instead. And it’s actually working. Once I have the water and distract myself with an activity, I’m fine until bed time, and then I look forward to breakfast the next day. Yay!

personal victory #3

There was a birthday in the office yesterday, and cake was served. I had just eaten lunch, but still wanted a little bit since it was from my favorite bakery (which is Market Basket, actually). I gave myself a little pep-talk before taking a piece: “You will enjoy this piece of cake, and you will eat it slowly, and put your fork down when you feel full.” And I did just that, which is a HUGE personal victory because if you know me…you know that I normally don’t leave any trace of cake left on my plate. I ended up having most of the cake part, and left the frosting! *high five to myself*

personal victory #4

I live by routine. I love it. Structure is my middle name (JK, it’s not). I’ve gotten into the habit of bringing the same healthy foods to work, greek yogurt for my morning snack, some sort of salad or leftovers for lunch, and an apple after lunch. Recently, I’ve discovered that my morning greek yogurt isn’t always necessary. I was so used to just eating everything in my lunchbox on schedule, that I never paid attention to whether I was even hungry. Now, I’m listening to my stomach, and making decisions to eat whatever I want, whenever I need it. Today, I had my apple in the morning instead of the yogurt…I’m out of control!

pomegranate & blueberries on greek yogurt

Basically…I’m just proud of myself for really making an effort here. No, I’m not starving myself, I’m simply waiting a little bit longer to eat, until I feel the hunger pangs.

next steps

Now that I’m doing better with the listening part, I want to work on the other habits like eating at the counter or snacking on the couch. I’m also taking a trip to NYC this weekend with the girls, so that itself will be a challenge. Stay tuned!

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