thinking out loud #3

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Happy New Year! I’m so happy my first post of 2014 is a link up with Running with Spoons, because I haven’t had time to make any new recipes or workouts or any of that stuff, and I love thinking out loud!

1. I spent New Year’s Eve with good friends playing Cards Against Humanity and sipped on champagne with a splash of pomegranate juice. I keep it classy.

Champagne and pomegranate juice...a healthy(ish) way to party | The Pomegranate Bandit

2. I may have eaten ALL the food at the party, but I started off 2014 with a delicious fresh-pressed juice using a recipe from the Juicing Bible DK got me for Christmas. He knows me well.

Juicing Bible

3. I ate a GIANT plate of Pad Thai last night, and this morning I had more than usual energy at the gym. Usually I eat my carbs at breakfast and skip them at dinner, but I think I need to eat more carbs at night to fuel my early morning workouts.

4. Not sure if I mentioned this yet, but I finally got my Nikon fixed! For $200 bucks. During the holiday season. I’m broke, but I’m happy! I also got the tripod I wanted from DK for Christmas, so I can’t wait to get cracking on some new recipes for you guys.

5. I re-wrote my new about page like six times before I finally settled on a version I felt comfortable with. It’s honest, embarrassing, and out there for all to see. I actually learned a lot about myself just by looking into my past while writing it.

The Pomegranate Bandit

6. I finally finished DietBet, and won $43. But really I won $18, because I had to pay $25 when I signed up. I’ve always said diets don’t work, and even though my goal was just to eat healthier and drop some pounds, this really wasn’t for me, especially around the holidays. It definitely just stressed me out more. I kind of wish I could’ve just relaxed and eaten whatever I wanted. (hence the Pad Thai last night since the bet ended)

7 thoughts on “thinking out loud #3

  1. I rang in the new year with friends, board games, and champagne as well… and it was pretty much exactly what I needed after all the craziness of the holidays. And you’re seriously going to love your new tripod! I’ve been playing around with mine a bit more lately, and although it can be kind of a hassle to set up, the difference it makes is pretty noticeable.

    Happy New Year, Ashley!

  2. I’m having a homemade version of pad thai tonight!
    After reading that you re-wrote your about me 6 times, I read it and decided to redo mine. I hadn’t updated it in forever and included pictures. Not sure why I never had those. Hah.

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