thinking out loud…again

I had so much fun linking up with Amanda over at Running with Spoons, I decided to do it again this week! Ya know, since there’s a lot of randomness in my head and I just love putting it all down and sending it off into cyber space.

link up

1. On Saturday morning I decided to try a pre-workout sample that came with my giant tub of protein. THOSE WORK. I was like the tazmanian devil, doing crunches and bicep curls all over the place, and then I ran 3 miles on the tread mill (I usually max out after 2 and then just walk fast). Afterwards, I came home and was abnormally NOT hungry for breakfast. I started feeling shaky and then had a headache for the rest of the day. Good thing I had only taken half a serving! When I told my trainer about it, he warned me of the dangers of taking that stuff. Apparently the pill-form is much worse, so I’m glad I had the powder kind…but I think I’m all set for taking more in the future.

2. We had our company holiday luncheon yesterday at Season’s 52. The food was AMAZING, even for 40 people! They served each table family style with cedar plank salmon, pasta, and pork. After, the served mini portioned desserts that were to die for. I can’t wait to go back there with DK or my family for a special occasion. The cause for celebration is my half birthday in January…that counts, right?

3. My iphone is definitely on its way out. Everything is sooo slow, and I can no longer upload to Instagram, it just shuts down the app when I try. The world is ending.

4. And my Nikon is still being fixed. For $200. My creativity is suffocating.

5. I’ve been trying really hard to get more greens into my diet, especially since cold raw veggies are the last thing I crave in this weather. However, I have no problem sucking down a delicious green smoothie no matter how cold I am.

Green Smoothie | The Pomegranate Bandit

^frozen pineapple and mangos with a handful each of spinach and kale, along with some chia seeds and a small squirt of agave nectar, with about a cup of water to get it flowing in the blender.

6. Anyone seen these hilarious hoodie creature videos? Last night I was changing out of my work clothes and this happened…


It’s actually a pretty good workout for your legs….and for your abs if you laugh as hard as I did. I really amuse myself sometimes.

You know you want to try it.

Oh, and don’t do it without supervision, it’s very easy to get stuck on your back like a helpless upside down turtle.

5 thoughts on “thinking out loud…again

  1. 😆 I seriously do want to try it! I’m still trying to figure out the logistics of how it works, but I’m definitely tempted to go grab my hoodie and give it a shot. I have no supervision, though, so if I DO get stuck on my back like a helpless turtle, I blame you 😛

  2. Ha ha ha! That Instagram pic is great. I had that issue of it shutting down when I tried to upload a photo. Finally, an update came for the program and that seemed to fix it. Hopefully yours get sorted soon!

    Happy Thursday!

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