a vicious cycle: trying to find balance

It’s been two weeks since I started the DietBet challenge, so I figured I’d give a little update on my progress so far. Believe it or not, I actually lost the required weight in the first week. Yep, just like that. 5 pounds…POOF! Gone. See, before the challenge, I’d been going off the rails with the sweets ever since Halloween, and I was ready to get back on track. So I ate my typical healthy foods, and skipped the sugary sweets and treats with DietBet in mind. I stuck with my usual gym schedule, so the weight just came right off. I guess five pounds isn’t that much, and maybe it was mostly water weight, but I was elated when the numbers dropped on the scale.

not so fast…

When I hit my goal, I let myself have a brownie at work that I’d been eyeing. I told myself I’d eat it and not feel guilty because I earned it, and I wouldn’t have anymore treats for another week. But the brownie must have been laced with something that made me black out and eat more…cookies and chocolates. JK, it wasn’t THAT type of brownie, but all that sugar that did me in. I’ve never been addicted to drugs, but I’d imagine to some scale this could be what a relapse is like (I know that’s a way more serious matter, but I really do feel like the sugar controls me).


That night, I felt sick and didn’t even eat dinner because I didn’t get hungry again until the next day. I vowed not to do it again, but continued to have these episodes for the next few days. To my horror, the scale jumped back up to my starting weight. I went straight to the grocery store on Friday night to stock up on produce before the big snow storm. I made a green smoothie on Saturday, had a healthy lunch, and was ready to tackle the first holiday party of the year…where I promptly ate tons of food and four huge cookies. On Sunday, the cycle began again and I was back to another green smoothie and a day full of veggies.

Green Smoothie | The Pomegranate Bandit

finding balance

Some people don’t even see it as a problem, and they think I’m too hard on myself. “You ate four cookies? So what?” But it’s a problem when I’m eating to the extent that my stomach is about to burst yet I still keep going. I’ve heard about the dangers of restricting food because it leads to binging. And I’ve heard about intuitive eating, which is when you eat whatever you want, when you want, as long as you stop when you’re full. I think intuitive eating is definitely the way to go, and I need to try harder to stop when I’ve had enough. It sounds so much easier than it is, but it has been my main goal for quite some time now. Hopefully, getting it all down on here will help me out and make me more accountable for it. Usually, putting words down (especially here for all to see) makes it real.

here’s to enjoying the rest of the holiday season

I’m not going to let this ruin the holidays for me, and I’m determined to overcome it. I got totally stressed out last year and ended up with one too many migraines. So far I’ve kept a positive attitude about all the shopping, wrapping, and cooking (thanks to my superb organizational skills! Yay lists!). DK and I even ventured out to a popular Christmas Light destination. The entire street lights up their houses Christmas Vacation style, it’s awesome!

holiday fun | the pomegranate bandit

Do you get overstressed this time of year? How do you handle it?

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