DIY holiday decorations under $5

DIY Holiday Decorations for under $5 | The Pomegranate Bandit

Hopefully I’m not too late with this post, as I’m sure many people have already decked their halls. When I decorate, I like to keep it simple, with the glitter to a minimum. That shit gets everywhere. I do like my decorations to be festive, but without it looking like elves threw up in my living room. Please excuse the crappy iphone photos…my Nikon decided to crap out on me last weekend and it’s being repaired.

deer silhouette

deer on wood | the pomegranate bandit

I saw a version of this on Pinterest, and realized I had some canvas laying around that needed to be used. When I went to dig it up, I found this plank of wood that was just begging to be used. This was free for me since I had all the supplies, but you can buy paint at Walmart for a $1 each, and they also have small slabs of wood for painting on at $2 each. TOTAL COST= $4

to make it:

All I did was put some tape diagonally in stripes on the board, paint over in a metallic gold color, and then removed the tape. When it dried, I cut out a deer silhouette I found online, and secured it onto the wood with some tape. I painted over it with white paint, making sure to layer on enough coats so the stripes wouldn’t show through. Then, I removed the stencil to reveal my masterpiece!

repurposed candle holder

candle holder | the pomegranate bandit

I love those mini candles from Bath & Bodyworks. But they burn fast, and then I’m left with this little glass cylinder that’s only useful for bobby pins and earrings…and tea lights! You can get a six pack of tea lights at Walmart for $2 along with some paint for $1 and stickers for $2. TOTAL COST= $5

to make it:

Thoroughly clean the glass and make sure there’s no leftover wax. Place stickers on the outside and paint over them. No need to paint the inside. Once it’s dry, just remove the stickers and plop in your tealight candle!

origami stars

origami stars

I also found these on Pinterest and fell in love with the way they look. I went to Michael’s and bought 5 pages of scrapbook paper that happened to be on sale for .50 cents each. (normally $1 each, still affordable) TOTAL COST=$2.50

to make it:

Grab your scissors and click on this link to watch the videos. They are very well made and easy to follow!

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