my holiday wish list

I promise I’m not trying to be humble here when I say I’d rather give gifts than get them. I truly enjoy getting someone a gift that I know they will love, wrapping it up, and watching them open it. Buutttt in case you’re curious {wink wink, cough cough}, these are the items on my wish list this year:

Holiday Wish List | The Pomegranate Bandit

  1. 27″ iMac // My 2007 macbook pro is on its last leg. Ready for a speedy iMac to help get all my work done!
  2. lush bath bombs // I love these! Pairs well with a glass of red wine and some candles in the tub.
  3. Tasty Food Photography book // This looks very helpful and I could use a few pointers!
  4. tripod for my nikon // Neeeeeed so bad.
  5. flowerbomb perfume // My favorite scent.
  6. cards against humanity // I’ve heard so much about this, I think it needs to be added to my game collection!

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