20 things I’m grateful for

Today’s Elf for Health challenge is to make a list of 20 things I’m grateful for. I did some version of this on Thanksgiving and included the usual family, friends, etc, so I figured I’d make this list a little more specific. Here goes…

  1. black leggings…because they’re slimming AND comfy
  2. my apartment…even though it’s tiny
  3. my butt…even though it’s big
  4. cheese…because it’s delicious
  5. eggs..because they’re healthy and delicious
  6. the brita filter…because tap water is nasty
  7. knitting…because it keeps my hands busy when I want boredom snacks
  8. Downton Abbey…because…because.
  9. Christmas lights…because the winter needs some happiness
  10. ipads…so I can browse Pinterest in bed
  11. Pinterest…see above
  12. Netflix…because I like watching Gossip Girl on the tredmill
  13. shoulder raises…because I feel like the Hulk when I do them
  14. my KitchenAid mixer…ain’t nobody got time for stirring
  15. lists…like this one!
  16. warm weather…because I miss it
  17. sports bras…because real bras suck
  18. mason jars…they make my pantry pretty
  19. my blender…because I like smoothies
  20. Finally…grateful this list is done! It was really hard.

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