gifts under $30 for everyone on your list

Anyone who uses the excuse “so-and-so is hard to buy for” is lazy. No one is hard to buy for. It just requires a little thinking, which is hard this time of year, I know. Try stalking their social media for hints. Do they have a lot of hiking photos on facebook? Get them some nice hiking socks and a fancy water bottle. See? Not that hard. But if you’re still stumped, check out this handy little gift guide I whipped up for those people who are “hard to buy for.”

Gifts for everyone under $30 | The Pomegranate Bandit

  1. For the couple: Catchphrase // My mom discovered this 10 years ago, and it still comes out at holidays with the family and parties with friends.

  2. For the hostess: Nose Cups // Another discovery by my mom! We had a great time trying different “noses” at Thanksgiving.

  3. For the inner child: Remote Control Helicopter // I got this for DK last year and he LOVED it. It was cheap and didn’t last the year, but worth the hours he spent playing with it.

  4. For the jokester: T-Rex T-Shirt or Beardo Hat // These are the kinds of things I wish I invented.

  5. For the snuggler: Faux Fur Blanket // These thick, furry blankets are so warm cozy. You can never have too many of these. Who knows when a power outage can strike?

  6. For the party people: Booze // This is my go-to. Can’t go wrong with booze! Unless they’re a recovering alcoholic. Then that would be wrong.

  7. For any woman: Scented Candle // Candles are always a great gift. Just make sure it doesn’t smell like ass (stay away from floral scents and stick with food scents), and you’re good to go.

I’ve provided links to these, but Homegoods/Marshalls has great candles and blankets. I’ve definitely seen the nose cups there too, and maybe even a helicopter in the toy section. Now go forth, young grasshopper! (see what I did there?)

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