F-word marathon

The long weekend was filled with my favorite F-words: family, friends, and food. It was like a 5-day marathon of eating and socializing. I had about three Thanksgiving dinners as well as two nights out to eat, and lots of leftover pie in between.

wednesday night: friendsgiving

Look who ruined the nice photo.


What? I thought we were doing a silly pose. Clearly wasn’t paying attention.

thursday: thanksgivukkah

So. Much. Food. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious. {see below: turkey, stuffing, green beans, corn, cranberry sauce from the can even though it’s so bad for me, and sweet potato surprise}

Thanksgiving Plate | The Pomegranate Bandit

You might look at that photo and think, “psh this is NOTHING, this girl is cray cray! And no mashed potatoes or gravy? What is UP with her?” Well…guess what I ate after this. {not pictured: slice of pecan pie, apple crisp, 10 cookies, 4 caramels, 3 chocolate covered cherry cordials, 1 tootsie roll pop.} MMMhm. No regrets.

Check out the pretty desserts I made:

Thanksgiving Desserts | The Pomegranate Bandit

  • Used this recipe for my first ever pecan pie and it was amazeballs. I chose this one because it didn’t use corn syrup. I omitted the white sugar completely, and baked it for 10 minutes at 350, and then put the pecans on top and baked it at 300 for 50 more minutes.
  • I’ve always made the apple pie for Thanksgiving, but I decided to switch it up this year and made this apple crisp from skinnytaste.com. This is a healthier alternative since so many of the calories from apple pie come from the crust. I omitted the raisins for the holiday so I figured I’d shaken things up enough by skipping the traditional apple pie.
  • Got my cookie recipe from the back of the Ghiradelli white chocolate chips bag. I made these last year (didn’t add the nuts, macadamias are crazy expensive!) and they always go so fast.

highlight of the night:

Even though my mom’s side of the family isn’t Jewish, we had a blast teaching them to play dreidel after Thanksgiving dinner. I might have had to re-teach myself (bad jew, bad!).

friday: day of shopping madness


Every year I tell my friends to count me out for Black Friday shopping. And yet I always end up going. So when I woke up to a barrage of texts on friday morning at 6:00 AM, I changed my mind last minute, told them to give me 20 minutes, and was out the door (forgot to put on deodorant, but I did brush my teeth. You win some, you lose some).

Black Friday PurchasesLook at all those bags! I got a lot of great gifts, and I’m excited about them but obviously can’t mention it until after Christmas…but I did get some great stuff for myself for dirt cheap.


I snagged a Portofino shirt from Express in a color I’ve been wanting, and some 3 for $10 mini candles at Bath & Body Works. Since I spent a certain amount, I was able to get some lotion for free! I’ve had a candle in this Moonlight Path next to my bed, and it smells heavenly. I also got some tights and socks since they were so cheap. And I’m especially obsessed with this poncho/sweater hybrid thing from Old Navy:

Old Navy Sweater | The Pomegranate Bandit

^Me trying to model. Kinda.


I got my butt kicked by my trainer on Saturday, and then met up with old friends for lunch. Sunday’s Elf for Health challenge was to do 100 burpees! I realized this after I had taken a class at the gym, but somehow still had enough energy to do them in sets of 20. BOOM. I was feeling iffy about it at first, but once I got through 50 I knew I could finish it no problem. I’ve never done that before, so it was pretty cool to discover power I didn’t know I had!

Now that this long weekend is over, it’s time to get back on track and prepare for the next one. Though I don’t regret indulging, I feel physically slowed down from eating so much heavy food. My body is definitely craving some greens and lighter fare!

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

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