quick tip tuesday: how to enjoy a healthy thanksgiving

How to enjoy a healthy Thanksiving | The Pomegranate Bandit

Due to the upcoming holiday, I wanted to give you some sort of healthy tip about what not to eat on Thanksgiving…but let’s be honest, we all know we will be eating everything there is to eat that day. I could rattle off the usual tricks everyone already knows…don’t sample the food while you’re cooking or baking it, don’t socialize near the appetizers, don’t use gravy, don’t eat more than one dessert, don’t drink alcohol…so many don’ts! I once read a tip that said to take your nail polish off before you bake, so you won’t be tempted to dip your finger in the batter since it would taste like nail polish remover. That’s a bit extreme.

So let’s focus on all the DO’s for this Turkey Day:

DO eat your favorite foods, all of them

DO pick more than one dessert! (just make sure they’re sample portions)

DO eat until you’re full, then stop

DO put aside a plate of your favorites to take home

DO enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones

Personally, this is my favorite holiday. I won’t be holding back on the treats, and I’m even more excited for leftovers the next day! What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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