quick tip tuesday: where to buy chicken broth

I guess I like using these day-themed blog topics. I’m all about alliteration (pun intended): workout wednesday…friday favorites…and now, quick tip tuesday. Should I start throwback thursday too? That could be a good laugh. Anyway, I really wanted to share this very important tip:

My trainer has been stressing the importance of watching sodium in my diet. I always buy the low-sodium versions when available, especially with chicken broth. The other day I was making soup and had Swanson’s low sodium chicken broth and Trader Joe’s organic low sodium chicken broth. Out of curiosity, I compared the nutrition panels. I was expecting the Trader Joe’s to be the better choice, and boy, was I right. What I wasn’t expecting to see that Swanson’s contains EIGHT times the amount of sodium compared to TJ’s! Holy moly.

ImageThis photo says it all: Swanson’s has 570mg of sodium per serving, and TJ’s brand has only 70mg. Remember this!!!

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