workout wednesday: target area circuit workout

I’m really enjoying workout wednesday. Probably because it combines my two favorite things; fitness and graphic design. It’s almost as good as my other favorite combo: food and photography.

This week, I constructed a full-body workout that incorporates supersets. A superset is when you work the same muscle group for more than one set, increasing intensity in that area. I wanted to target three areas: abs, upper body, and lower body. Each superset is composed of four sets for that area, and the last one of each superset is a blast of cardio to get that heart rate up. Set your interval time for 45 rounds of 45 second intervals. (beginners should set 30 seconds). Complete entire circuit and repeat two more times. (demo links below)


crunch & press
bicycle crunches
ski abs

upper body:
shoulder press
bicep curl
kettlebell row
kettlebell tricep raise
diamond jumps

lower body:
walking lunges
calf raises
donkey kicks (right)
donkey kicks (left)
squat jumps

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