another race: cooler weather makes a difference

A few weeks ago my friend asked me to join her in a 5k in the town she just moved to. I happily agreed, eager to redeem myself from this year’s 4th of July race. I haven’t been running long distances that much lately, but I’ve been strength training and doing sprints on the tredmill. To prepare for the race, I did a few runs around my neighborhood. Some were good, some were not so great, so when I woke up on Sunday morning, I had mixed emotions about the race.

It was a bit chilly out, but I knew I’d warm up once I started. It wasn’t so cold that my lungs would hurt, but my fingers were definitely numb. Nicole and I have a similar pace, but since she’s a bit faster, we agreed not to stay together the whole time. Before the race, we felt nervous and joked about being slow runners. We reminded ourselves that speed doesn’t matter, and what matters is that we are giving it all we got.

With positive thoughts in mind, I chugged along and made it through without stopping or walking. When I saw the finish line, I gave it my all and sprinted the rest of the way. This was the redemption I needed! On the 4th of July, it was too hot for me to do this (um, how can anyone do that in 95 degrees?!), and that’s the best part of the race. Now, in the cool September air, I was able to push my hardest and knock a minute off my pace! I completed the race in 31 minutes, which I am satisfied with. My average pace was 9:59, just a second shy of a ten minute mile, which is awesome for me. Can’t wait to aim for a time under 30 minutes!


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