eating my way through Salem

This was definitely one of those weekends where we did it up right. Friday night was low-key, but we went to dinner at my favorite Thai place downtown, Blue Taleh. I always get the same thing when I go (massaman curry), but this time I decided to be brave and try something new. I ordered the mango cashew chicken curry, and it was fabulous.

I spent all day Saturday doing blog stuff with K10 while our boyfriends went to the Deerfield fair. I wanted to shoot my pumpkin smoothie for a post, so we had those for a mid-blogging snack. Later, I had my thai leftovers for lunch, but I didn’t want to starve my friend so I whipped up a little gourmet grilled cheese with brie and apples. It’s nice to have a taste tester! Recipes coming soon, sit tight.

Once the guys got back, we all regrouped and ventured out to Salem, MA. Halloween is a big deal in Salem, so big in fact, that we have to go a month early to avoid the crowds. We still hit traffic, but it was nothing compared to last year when we went a week before Halloween. We found street parking, and walked around and took some cute couple photos. K10 and I agreed these would be our pre-engagement photos. Is that a thing? We’re making it a thing.

Salem, MA

We met up with K10’s college roommate and her boyfriend, who live in Salem. They were great tour guides! Our first stop was Rockafella’s, where we enjoyed some drinks and grub al fresco. The menu offered a plethora of Halloween themed beverages. I decided to treat myself to a pumpkin martini, despite the fact I had a 5k to run the next day. For my meal, I chose the sweet potato encrusted salmon with sweet potato fries and a side salad. AMAZING.

rockafella's salem

After dinner, it was starting to get a bit chilly so the girls went to Melita Fiore to warm up while the boys finished their beers. Melita Fiore’s front door is basically a teleport straight to a bakery in Paris. Everything looked so delicious, so I ended up getting one each of the macarons which were carefully placed in the most adorable little box. This is like Christmas for a package designer.

Melita Fiore

We left Paris and met our boys next door at Opus. Either we were just very lucky that night, or Salem really is just that awesome. Every place we went to was better than the first! The basement lounge at Opus had comfy chairs, oriental rugs, exposed brick, sick wood paneling, funky lamps everywhere you look, and a great vibe all around. I was chugging water in preparation for my race, but I still enjoyed myself. Definitely a place to visit again.

opus salem

On the walk back to the car, the common was completely taken over by an eerie cloud of fog. We didn’t do anything Halloween related that night, so it was a fitting way to end the night and remind us what Salem is all about! Next time, we’ll do some haunted tours.


A great night in a beautiful town with good food and friends that make you laugh ’til you cry. (this happened while I was driving us home and I actually feared for my life for a few seconds)

Stay tuned to hear how the race went on Sunday!

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