two very different runs

I hope everyone is doing swell on this fine Monday! My weekend was very low-key, which is the best type of weekend. DK and I went to my favorite cafe, we visited my dad, I went shopping with Meg, I had Sunday dinner at my mom’s…it was fabulous. DK was on shift Saturday night into Sunday, so after he left I brought a fluffy comforter out to the hammock and read Game of Thrones for no less than two hours. It was heaven.


On Saturday, DK took a nap before his shift so I decided to do a little at-home shoulder workout followed by a nice long run. Before I get into that, let’s backtrack to last Tuesday. I did my back workout at the gym that morning and decided to save my run for after work so I could have plenty of time to run around the neighborhood. It was extremely muggy and gross out, but not unbearable. I used mapmyrun to draw up 3.75 miles. (btw, the app I use now is called runmeter, that’s what these screenshots are from) I was all excited about this new route, and confident that I would be able to finish it. My legs were pretty sore from the gym the day before, but I figured I could just push through it. Apparently I was very wrong! It was rough, and when I was closer to home I figured I only had a quarter mile left. I couldn’t bear it anymore so I slowed to a walk and checked my phone for the distance. Only 2.8 miles! What the hell! I was sure it was at least 3.5. Balls. I ended up walking the rest of the way home since my legs felt like jello.


Anyway, that sucked but at least I still tried my best, right? And my run on Saturday totally made up for it. I looked back into the history on mapmyrun to the time I ran 4 miles. (yep, just one time) I decided to try the same exact route. The weather was absolutely perfect for running, so I set off. Towards the end, I checked my phone again. 3.6 miles. I was almost home, so I decided to do another small loop around the street. It ended up totaling to 4.25 miles! The furthest I’ve ever run consecutively. Yay for me! Next goal: 5 miles.


Moral of the story: Don’t attempt a long distance run the day after leg day.

Do you have similar experiences with your runs? Have you ever run with sore legs?

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