a day in the life of the bandit

Many lifestyle bloggers out there do play-by-plays of their daily activities, but that’s not really my jam. I like taking photos of my food and stuff, like any blogger would, but every last bite? Come on. Anyhoo, I decided to do it just once so you can peek into my life. Play by play.

An hourly (sort of) record of Thursday, September 5, 2013.

4:45 am- my phone screams at me. I silence it and go back to sleep.

5:00 my phone wakes me again. I ignore it.

5:15 DK’s phone goes off. He doesn’t hear it. I elbow him.

5:20 we get up. I start morning food prep which includes: Putting protein powder in my shaker for after the gym, putting greek yogurt in a container with frozen mangos and berries, toasting ezekiel bread for breakfast. (my toaster is from the 90’s. Clearly, I need a new one)


5:26 I eat half my toast with peanut butter and throw the rest away because I’m not very hungry, but I’ll need fuel for the gym.

5:30 I am not fully awake yet. I consider skipping the gym as I put on my sneakers. I decide to go.


5:45 on the way to the gym, still dark out. What the hell.


7:10 I emerge from the gym glistening and radiant. The sun is shining and life is beautiful! I hop in my car and mix my protein shake. It tastes like cold hot chocolate…but in a good way.


7:50 I am showered and dressed. I begin round two of morning food prep which includes making my omelette for breakfast and packing my lunch.


8:00 I am getting sick of omelettes. I overcook mine and it grosses me out. I eat it anyway.

8:15 I head to work. It’s now raining, I am not thrilled.

8:30 stuck in traffic. I sing along to David Bowie in a Donald Duck voice to amuse myself. I consider changing careers to a voice over artist.

8:45 still in traffic. I take car selfies to pass the time.


9:00 finally arrive at work. I make my morning green tea and check emails like a boss (I’m not a boss).


10:30 hungry again…that didn’t take long. I eat my yogurt…it looks gross but tastes great. (The fruit has thawed by now)


12:30 pm lunch already! The day is flying. I eat my salad and my….balls.


12:45 I have 45 minutes left of my break, so I go to TJMaxx to see if they have any earrings. I buy shoes.


1:50 a coworker shares some blue tortilla chips. they are delicious.

3:24 the day is dragging. can I go home yet?

3:50 I am hungry. or bored…I eat some sugar snap peas.

4:30 only a half hour to go! I want a donut.

5:00 freedom! I drive home with the windows open. I listen to 105.7 because I am still mourning the death of Oldies 103.3, and 105.7 is the next best thing.

5:25 I arrive home and change into gym clothes (aka my pjs). I heat up leftovers for dinner before DK heads off to EMT class.

6:10 I screw around on Pinterest for a while.

6:45 I decide to be productive so I put laundry in and do dishes. I also decide I’m still hungry, so I make healthy cookies.


7:15 I settle onto the couch with Downton Abbey and a plate of freshly baked cookies.

7:20 I realize one of the actresses in Downton Abbey is also in Game of Thrones. I wonder why I missed this before. Nevertheless, I am excited.

8:00 I have eaten a total of six cookies. I also wish Downton Abbey was real life. But not really because a lot of main characters die.

9:30 I fold my laundry and get ready for bed.

9:40 I sink into my bed that feels like a cloud. I hope I dream of a crossover Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones universe.

10:00 zzzzzzzzzZZzzzz

3 thoughts on “a day in the life of the bandit

  1. I discovered your blog a couple weeks ago through foodgawker while in search for good granola bars and have been enjoying reading through your posts since then. I’m also from the Boston area, work a desk job while blogging in my spare time, and am always in search of ways to make my lifestyle healthier! Love your blog so far and looking forward to reading more 🙂

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