a weekend of labor

I love long weekends. That one extra day makes all the difference in the world. It makes me feel like I can use one of these days to absolutely nothing, and it’s totally excusable. It’s tradition to go up to NH for the Labor Day weekend, but I decided to stay back to get some things done at home.

I had a couple of friends over on Friday night to relax and watch a movie. We ended up watching Pretty In Pink and then Becky gave us gel manicures. It was an extremely girly night.


I woke up fairly early the next morning so I could get my workout done for the day and do some house cleaning, followed by a delicious omelette and fresh pressed juice. Then it was off to the Java Room for a blog date with my BFF Kristen (aka K10), who has caught the blogging bug! Check out her recent adventures at Miss On-The-Go. We shared other blogs, worked on her theme, and developed a nice header for her layout. A few iced coffees and chicken salad wraps later, we decided to pack up and do some shopping. After a successful trip to the mall, Marshall’s, Pier One, and Bed Bath, & Beyond, we headed to her apartment for more blogging and some dinner. Couldn’t have asked for a better day with my K10!

On Sunday morning I decided to skip my usual omelette and bring back the protein pancakes. And just because it was Sunday, I added a little flair to the meal:

protein pancakes

It ended up being so filling, I couldn’t even finish the whole pancake. But who doesn’t love when their breakfast smiles at them? DK came home around 11:30, so we headed to Concord for some lunch at the Main St Cafe. I got the Pineapple Chicken Curry Wrap and treated myself to an Almond Italian Soda. I can’t pass up anything almond flavored! I think DK enjoyed people watching with the yuppies…


Despite the rain/mugginess, I always love going to the historic downtown area. Right above the Main St Cafe is a cute shop called Nesting on Main. We popped in for a quick look around after lunch, and though I didn’t buy anything, I did snap a few photos to share:

nesting on main

We finished off our Sunday with homemade pizza and a movie: Mystic River. Monday was DK’s first 24 hour shift (have I mentioned he’s a fireman now?) so after doing legs at the gym, I spent the day organizing and deep cleaning the apartment. I went grocery shopping and whipped up some chocolate date balls:

chocolate date balls

Later this week I’ll be posting more about these…get excited!

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