switching it up


I thought I would immediately start another workout program after completing the Livefit Trainer, but I’m enjoying taking it easy. I’m still sticking to a weekly schedule of workouts specific to muscle groups, but I’m choosing the exercises that I like the most. (no more one-handed push-ups! that is, until I’m strong enough)

This is my schedule:

Monday: Legs

It’s best to start the week with the larger muscle groups, since they require more energy. I actually love leg day. Probably because I don’t do cardio on this day.

Tuesday: Back/Abs /Cardio

Wednesday: Chest/Cardio

Thursday: Biceps/Triceps/Abs/Cardio

Friday: Shoulders/Cardio

Saturday: Outdoor Activity or extra Leg day

Sunday: Rest

The schedule isn’t always exact, but thats the gist of it. On the weekends I try to go hiking or take the canoe out instead of going to the gym. Sometimes I take both Saturday and Sunday off, sometimes I workout both days. It all depends on how I’m feeling.

Typically my cardio is 25 minutes of sprints on the tredmill, but I’ve really been struggling lately. I just get so bored! The other day, there were no empty tredmills so I decided to pull up the Nike Training Club app on my phone for a cardio circuit workout. I used to do these all the time before I made the bold move to get a gym membership, and I forgot how tough it is! I love the options the app gives you, like what you want to focus on, and then your fitness level. I chose to get lean at the intermediate level.

20130830-143821.jpg 20130830-143829.jpg

Then you get a list of workouts to choose from with the total time it takes. I chose the WIPEOUT. Before I started, I quickly browsed each exercise to make sure I knew what I was doing. The app shows you a video demonstrating each one.

20130830-143835.jpg 20130830-143746.jpg

I found an area with enough space and began my workout. My playlist was already set, so the music came on and the app instructed me to do the first move, “Light Jog.” This is my favorite part about the app. I don’t have to keep checking my phone or a piece of paper to see what to do next, because it tells me what to do and when to stop. It also gives pointers on good form. Since I had just done biceps and triceps, I modified some of the moves. For example, instead of dips, I just did another round of jogging in place.

The workout was a half hour long, but went by way faster than 25 minutes on the tredmill. Definitely going to be doing this more often!


Remember when I was eating pancakes for breakfast everyday? Well, that phase is finally over. I got back on the omelette train while in Cali, so now I’ve been making one every morning for breakfast.


It’s super easy and requires very little clean up. I just crack 3-4 egg whites in a 12-inch pan (sprayed with coconut or olive oil). While they set, I chop some green onions and tomatoes and sprinkle them on the eggs with some salt and pepper. Sometimes I add parmesan cheese for extra flavor. Once the cheese starts melting and the eggs are set, I fold it up and plop it on a plate. Ta-da! Omelette you finish but…NOM.

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