staying healthy on vacation

Did you read about my trip to LA? Check out part 1 and part 2, or just read on below about how I maintained my healthy lifestyle while abroad!

I always get anxious before vacations because I don’t want to derail my diet and exercise. I’m the kind of person that thrives on routine, so when things get shaken up, I have a hard time. Luckily, this vacation was different because I was staying with a friend instead of at a resort chugging margaritas.

I packed lots of healthy snacks for the plane since I knew they wouldn’t be serving meals..but I did end up snagging some cookies courtesy of JetBlue. I packed yellow grape tomatoes, trailmix (like my reusable bag?), an apple, a banana, pistachios, and a Kind bar.

plane snacks!

The people next to me probably thought I was such a weirdo when I unpacked all my food onto the tray, photographed it, and then put it all away again. I only ate the banana, apple, and some pistachios during the flight.

Since I was on east coast time, I had no trouble waking up early. My furry wake up call didn’t hurt either, he greeted me on my couch/bed each morning with a gentle pat on the face.


I scoped out a few gyms in the area and decided to try LA Fitness when I woke up on Monday. It was only 1.5 miles away, so I did my sprints on the way there and back.


This gym had to be 100 times the size of the teeny tiny one I belong to. It had a pool, racquetball courts, a zillion cardio machines, and a million weight machines. And crazy people.

I developed a nice routine of waking up, feeding the cat, going to the gym, making an omelet for breakfast, and then doing whatever we had planned the rest of the day. Throughout the trip, I kept Kind Bars and Larabars in my purse for emergencies…like being stuck in traffic. When we went to the beach, I packed my yogurt and a bag of berries to top it with.


The best thing about staying with a friend is cooking together. I’d say just about all our conversations were about food. Or books. When I arrived in LA, we gathered up some recipes and loosely planned what we’d make for dinner throughout the week. Caitlin lives a block away from the grocery store, so for each night that we made dinner (just about every night but one!), we walked to the store to get our ingredients beforehand.



From top left: Bombay chicken salad with israeli couscous, the famed In-N-Out burger, Pesto stuffed chicken with green beans, Mushroom pizza at Lexington Social House (sorry for the dark photo), Fish tacos made by Caitlin (new favorite meal), Grilled chicken and veggies, Salmon kale salad with grapes, Kale salad, Spinach omelet that turned into a scramble and iced coffee.

I only snagged one of these recipes, except for the pesto chicken which I already had, so hopefully I’ll try to get the rest to recreate for you guys.

I’m so glad I stuck with my gym routine while I was in LA (Caitlin’s roommate said I was the worst vacationer ever). For me, having excess time for working out and cooking is a vacation.

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